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10 Moving Out Tips and Tricks You Wish You Knew Before

10 Moving Out Tips and Tricks

Moving out can be stressful. Whether you are moving into a new home or a rental property, it can be tiring and may take its toll even if you are well prepared. Fortunately, we can help you move smoothly. Try these packing and moving out tips that can improve your move.

Apart from packing and moving, in case you are renting, you also need to schedule move out cleaning to get your deposit back. More on that later.

First, let us get you organised, and start packing.

Moving Out Tips for a Less Stressful Relocating

Here are some creative moving out tips and ways to improve your move.

Getting Ready

1. Create a moving checklist

The first thing that you should do is to prepare for your move. Create a moving checklist that includes your timeline. The timeline can vary depending on how much notice you have given before the move. Don’t forget to include your moving budget.

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2. Decide whether you need professional movers or not

If you don’t have friends or family to help you with your move, it will be easier if you hire professional movers. It might cost you, but the amount of work that will be taken out off your shoulder will be worth it.

3. Send out notices that you are moving

Create a list of the people or companies that you need to notify about your move. include this in your moving checklist. By the time you need to notify them yourself, you will be less likely to forget anyone.

Moving Out Tips and Tricks
Moving Out Tips and Tricks

Packing Tips (You don’t want to miss this!)

Declutter First

One of the most important moving out tips is to make sure that you are not packing anything that you don’t need anymore. Declutter before packing to lighten your load. Figure out what to toss, keep, sell, or donate. Also, take note of the measurement of your new home to make sure that the furniture you are bringing fits.

Invest in quality boxes

Don’t pinch pennies on packing boxes. These are inexpensive and more durable to hold all your things. Grocery boxes and reused boxes can be compromised from wear and exposure to moisture, worst they might even be infested.

Time your packing

When packing, break it down into steps. Do not procrastinate or you will be stressed out if you try to pack everything the night before. Tackle one room at a time and make sure that you have the right size of boxes too. This way it will be easy to start your move out cleaning.

Colour code your labels

Print off multicoloured labels or use different colours of masking tape and assign a colour for each room. Another tip is to label the contents of the boxes, including the name of each room. It will save you tons of time later.

Label and take photos of your furniture

Also, one of many useful moving out tips is to take time to photograph your furniture during packing. Secure all doors and drawers. You also need to label the cables, doors, drawers and anything you have removed from the furniture so that you will know where it goes when you put them back together. Don’t forget to put bolts and screws in a bag and tape them to the back of the furniture.

For electronics, you need to take a photo of its configuration. It will be easy to remember where the cord goes later.

It’s Moving Day!

The moving day itself can be super tiring. But don’t worry, these moving tips can help you get by.

Create a game plan

To avoid any hassle, get a moving director! No kidding. Get someone who can direct the movers on this very important day. This person is in charge of determining the items you need to prioritise, and which items should be loaded last. It can save you time on your moving day.

Take your time

You might say that this is counter-intuitive but in moving fast, you should take your time. Don’t rush into putting everything on the truck only to leave something behind or worse, break anything. You will also feel a lot of stress if you are rushing around.

Move-Out Cleaning: Is it needed?

Whether you are leasing or selling your house, you need to leave it in tip-top condition for its next occupants. Renters need it to get their security deposit back. Landlords would require their tenants to return the property to its original condition before moving out. We hope these moving out tips can help you wing your relocation like a pro.

After you are through with your packing and loading, think about how you will manage your move out cleaning. We strongly advise hiring cleaning services to ensure that you get your money’s worth.

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