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3 Safe and Effective Ways to Clean Your Windows

Glass windows can offer us unlimited views of the outside. However, you have to keep it as spotless as the day it was installed to get an unobstructed view. A clean and streak-free window will allow more light to pass through and get you more connected with the outdoors.

The problem with glass windows is how to clean them properly. Auckland window cleaning experts, Premium Clean offers these solutions for easy, streak-free cleaning. Once you master these techniques, you can clean your windows like a professional, minus the fees.

Essential Clean Your Windows  Tips for a Streak-Free Window Cleaning

Tip #1. Do not use window cleaners with alcohol or ammonia content. These two may seem harmless to your windows. However, they can leave streaks that could attract moisture and dust. If you have a difficult spot to clean, try applying a small amount of solvent like acetone or rubbing alcohol with a clean cloth. You can wipe it dry and proceed with your normal cleaning.

Tip #2. Never use a razor to scrape off the stubborn material stuck on your window. It will leave a permanent scratch on the glass and will leave your windows vulnerable.

Tip #3. Wipe the glass gently when rubbing a solution. Auckland window cleaning experts recommend using only a microfiber cloth or a clean paper towel to clean your windows. Also, rub it in different directions to prevent streaking.

Tip #4. Rinse the window with clean water if you find some remaining solution or streaks.


Clean Your Windows with a DIY Window Cleaner

There are two types of window cleaning solutions: one is a commercial cleaner, and the other is a DIY vinegar-based solution.

Using a Homemade Window Cleaner

Experts in window cleaning Christchurch swear by this solution, and you can easily recreate them with a pantry staple, distilled vinegar (commonly known as white vinegar). The acidic composition of the vinegar can break down the streaks on your windows and glass surface. Here is how to clean your windows with a homemade cleaner.

Step 1. Prepare the solution by mixing one part of white vinegar with ten parts of warm water.

Step 2. Remove the dust from the window by wiping it with a clean rag before spraying the solution. We recommend using a lint-free, microfiber cloth or paper towels. Spray the solution all over the surface.

Step 3. With a lint-free rag, rub the water-vinegar mixture on the dirtiest part of the window. You can spray it liberally on the surface but try to avoid getting the solution to come in contact with fibreglass, vinyl frames or wood. The solution will discolour them.

Step 4. Wipe the window thoroughly with a fresh, new rag. Do this quickly to prevent streaks. If you have multiple windows to clean, do the complete steps one window panel at a time.

Step 5. Rinse the cleaned windows to remove the streaks and excess solution.

Use of Vinegar for Larger Windows

Step 1. When you have larger windows to clean, arm yourself with a spray bottle and cloth. Use the same formula for your homemade window cleaner. This time mix them in a bucket.

Step 2. Dip a sponge on the solution and apply this to the window panels. You have to be quick and don’t let the solution form streaks on your windows.

Step 3. Get your squeegee and clean the solution from the window by wiping it from the top down. Remember to wipe the squeegee after every stroke to remove excess water and avoid dripping.

Wrapping It Up

Having a streak-free window can be achieved even without professional Auckland window cleaning. However, the task can be tricky for first-timers. We hope these tips can help you clean your windows. If you are not confident with your skills, you can always call Premium Clean for your cleaning and maintenance needs.

Last Updated on May 17, 2024

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