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4 Areas in the House and Why You Need to Prioritize Them

Maintaining a clean and hygienic home can be tiresome and a very lazy chore to do. Which led you here to us. Getting tired of cleaning alone after spending the night with your friends or family had you looking for a cleaning service offering hourly cleaning in Auckland.

With our help, after a long, fun, and tiring night with the people close to you, you can easily relax without worrying about the mess you guys made last night even though your parents are going to visit you the day after.

Things To Be Prioritized When Cleaning


Handheld can opener

This tip includes one of our number one multitasker apple cider. It does some amazing things for can-opener gunk. Just pour around one-half cup in a shallow bowl, and place your can opener into the vinegar so that the gunky component is totally secured. Let it sit for at least two hours.

You’ll see the yucky issue at the lower part of the bowl. Remove your can opener from the vinegar, hold it over a sink or bowl, and cautiously pour water over the component. At that point take a toothbrush to brush away any residue that is on the opener. Dry it however much as you could, and your opener is all set. By doing this, it will prevent unwanted roaches and other insects from crawling up in your cabinets.

Laptop or desktop keyboard

We sometimes cannot help but to eat while using our laptop or desktop, crumbs and grease from our food sometimes fall and transfer on to our keyboard which makes it sticky and dirty looking. It is important to clean keyboards to prevent ants and other pests from coming to your laptops or desktops. You can also place keyboard protectors to prevent crumbs and insects from entering the keys on your keyboard.

Hourly Cleaning
Difficult corners to reach

Place a sock on your broomstick and place a duck tape to prevent the sock from moving or getting removed from the broom. To clean difficult to reach corners of your home. This hack will help you prevent dust buildup on your roof and remove spider webs. It can also be used for reaching nooks and crannies which your hand cannot reach or fit in.

After using this item to clean, you can remove the sock, use the tape to easily remove the dust on the sock, throw out the tape with the dust before placing the sock in the washing machine. Cleaning the ceiling is a top priority because some dust particles from the buildup might fall on us or our children which will result in coughs and colds.

Clean under and behind your fridge

Our fridge seldomly gets cleaned, this might result in dust and other food particles getting stuck underneath it. Also, clean behind your fridge, it can be full of dust even though it is an item not actively moved like chairs, it can still accumulate dust. Clean your fridge once in a while to prevent those nasty roaches and pests from finding out that there is free food for them under there.

Wrapping Up!

It is not easy to maintain a perfectly clean home, it is also very expensive to hire a maid that will stay with you in your home. It is very handy for us to hire an hourly cleaning service in Auckland that the price will not be too much for us.

We enjoy a cleaning service that is not too expensive and also our private time when the service is over. While hiring a maid will limit our privacy because that maid will be living under your roof.

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