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4 Ways to Keep Your Commercial Space Clean

From high-traffic areas like your office’s public restroom, down to the nitty-gritty part of cleaning external windows, here are four of the best ways to keep your commercial space clean.

Focus on High-traffic and Common Areas

Public areas in your office include the comfort rooms, pantry or kitchen, and of course your lobby where most of your guests are lounging. Among these areas that accumulate the most dirt and bacteria are the toilets and pantry.

In such areas are where the most unhygienic and messy activities are done. These are also the areas susceptible to spread illnesses spread if not cleaned thoroughly. With that, you must put all efforts in sweeping the entire area clean and sanitizing must come thereafter.

Your office pantry’s countertop must experience regular coffee spillages and collects broken food crumbs which can be cleaned with a simple organic cleaning agent and a quick wipe of a cloth. Aside from the countertop and tabletops, make sure to get the lounges and chairs cleaned and sanitized.

Finally, everyone goes to it but nobody wants to clean it. The toilets should be cleaned every single day and during hours where employees are working. Usually, after everyone comes in for work and before everyone leaves work. Disinfecting this area is the most important. Also, Install air fresheners and air purifiers so that these areas in the office remain pristine and odor-free.

Keep Mops and Vacuums Accessible For Everyonecommercial cleaning services in auckland nz

If you keep janitors working around to keep your office clean, you may not need to put mops and vacuums accessible for employee-use. For many small and big companies, one source of office mess is the work areas that are not well-maintained. Typically, employees are allowed to eat on their desks especially on hours where they cannot avoid it. And naturally, coffee mugs are brought to desks so employees can work and at the same time have their much-needed energy booster.

With all that being said, a janitor may not be able to accommodate all areas of your office if such spillage or food mess occurs. Aside from that, your employees must be educated on cleaning up after their mess. If you have a kind of office culture where everyone is responsible for their own mess, then keeping mops and vacuums accessible for everyone to use your best bet of ensuring the cleanliness.

Seek Help from a Professional Commercial Space Clean Service

Professional Commercial Space Clean Service

Whether you own a building, a huge office area, or a humble-sized office space, cleaning the entire premise is simply impossible to handle alone or by a few cleaners. You might want to hire a janitor to maintain it but you will need deep cleaning which calls for hiring a professional cleaning service company.

Seek assistance from professional, local cleaners that are intensively trained and well equipped to leave your space speckless and spotlessly clean all day long. You can save up your investment in tools, cleaning equipment, cleaning agents, and janitors by getting these services. Note that these professional cleaning companies also own better cleaning equipment that can elevate the quality of the results.

window cleaningHire a Window Cleaning Service

The interiors of your office are sorted but don’t forget about the exterior of your office building or space. If your office comprises glass panels and large windows, note that those accumulate dirt from the outside which can unpleasant from the outside. This is why they must be well kept like public restrooms with much lesser times of cleaning but extremely cleaned.

When it comes to windows, hiring a professional window cleaning service can get you better results than purchasing cleaning agents and squeegees.

Look for experts who specialize in exterior window cleaning over hiring cleaners. Take note, this task can be risky for regular cleaners. Professional window cleaners can definitely perform such cleaning tasks safely and a lot more efficiently.

Wrapping up!

Keeping your office clean can boost employee productivity, gives them the chance to focus, and makes your space look more presentable for clients. A commercial cleaning service is necessary to achieve those.

Last Updated on February 2, 2024

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