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5 Tips to Clean Your House After a Halloween Party

Halloween, one of the favourite festivals for kids, is filled with fun, fantasy, magic, and merriment. The tradition of Halloween has been passed on to us from generation to generation. But guess what is the most horrible and dreaded part? Cleaning up the house after a Halloween party.

From candy to pumpkins, during and after a spooky costume party, it’s more like a horror movie. Take a preemptive approach to some tips to stay out of this danger zone.

Tips to Clean Your House After a Halloween Party

Clean Your Home After a Halloween Party

Effectively clean up the pumpkin remains over the carpet and remove sticky candies across the floor. Here are some tricks to do it!

Cleaning up pumpkin residues

Cleaning up pumpkin residues

After hearing the word Halloween, the first thing that comes to mind is “jack-o-lantern”. The beautifully carved pumpkins. No doubt about its creative artwork, but you will find plenty of pumpkin innards spilling over the table or onto the floor. Which can attract rats, bugs, and pests. You can clean them up by laying down some newspaper to minimize the mess and scrape off the remains with a spoon. Use a mild spray to wipe out the remaining stains.

Paint, grease, and makeup

Paint, grease, and makeup

Costumes and makeup are part of Halloween parties. The makeup is generally oil-based, and oil-based stains are some of the worst to deal with. These stubborn stains on carpets and sofas need a powerful spot-remover: a mixture of a teaspoon of detergent in a half cup of warm water.

This is followed by dipping a clean cloth into the solution and blotting the stain. Remember, do not rub it. If the stain is on the wall, spray some degreaser on it and let it sit for a couple of minutes before wiping it down.

Halloween vomit

No one wants to talk about vomiting during Halloween parties, but it’s like an uninvited guest, and one needs to have a contingency plan for it. This can happen with massive amounts of candy and Jell-O shots.

The best way to clean this mess is to spill an instant absorbent, which will turn any liquid mess into a solid for easy disposal. Another option is to use a hydrogen peroxide-based cleaner or alcohol to eliminate any residual stains and deal with any odours.

Fake blood and chocolate stains

chocolate stains

Along with makeup, fake blood and chocolate stains are some of the toughest to eliminate. Most fake blood products these days are made of corn syrup and red dye which can be removed by gently dabbing with a rag or a kitchen towel. Applying rubbing alcohol to the affected area should also do the trick.

Don’t let the stain stay for longer, or if the stain has dried already, then a strong spot remover is needed to remove the excess. When it comes to chocolate stains, scrape the excess chocolate without grinding the stain deeper into the fabric. Then, depending on the fabric, apply an appropriate stain remover and wash.

If itโ€™s just on the floor, your regular spray degreaser or cleaner should be strong enough to remove it. If you need help refreshing your carpet, you can call professional cleaning services for carpet shampoo and stain removal.

Sticky or crushed candy

Sticky or crushed candy

No Halloween party is complete without candies and lots of sugary treats! After everyone has left, half-eaten hard candies, crushed caramels, and other sticky messes will be the only ones left. Part of cleaning the house after a party is getting rid of all things sticky!

Don’t scrape and scrub it. Try soaking a rag in hot water and applying it to the sticky mess as if it were a compress. If there are some colour stains due to the candies, try using alcohol on them. Try this mixture once the stain has almost disappeared and the melted candy persists! Mix one-third teaspoon of vinegar and two-thirds of water. Blot the mixture into the area before scraping off any remains.

Wrapping Up!

Cleaning the house after a party is no easy task. Especially if you are doing it alone, professional cleaners can make your home look as good as new again. If you are looking for cleaning services after any mess after a part, call us at ย 0800 786 780.

Last Updated on May 17, 2024

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