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5 Window Cleaning Products and How They Work

For the longest time, we have been searching for the best and most effective window cleaning products to use in our household. We tried different kinds of homemade and store-bought products in hopes of finding the one that will best do its work. No matter how strong we scrub, a dingy buildup and powdery streaks will still remain once the windows have dried.

Looking outside the backyard through your crystal clear window is surely a great way to start your day. Seeing how good the weather will lighten your mood. White spots on your window will be very annoying and ruin your mood.

Window Cleaning Products


Windex Glass Cleaner Spray BottleWindex Glass Cleaner Spray Bottle

Product Details: This product’s packaging is made from 100% recycled plastic, which is perfect for cleaning glass, windows and more. Spray this product on your window, it starts working on smudges and smears even before you exert effort to wipe it. The result leaves an unbeatable streak-free shine that lightens and brightens your home, leaving it sparkling clean.

How to use:

Rotate the nozzle on the Windex bottle to “on” position, spray, and wipe with a dry paper towel or lint-free cloth.

Tip: Try using a microfiber cloth. Some paper towels will leave fibers. Clean glass surfaces starting from top to bottom to avoid dripping on glass areas that have already been cleaned. Preferably clean on a cloudy day, to prevent the sun from drying the formula.
Windex Glass and Surface Wipes

Product Details: This item is used to clean and shine glass and other surfaces quickly and easily. It is perfect for quick touch-ups around the house and comes in resealable packs for easy storage. It also gives your surfaces a streak-free shine, removing dust, grime, fingerprints, and smudges.

Safety Information: This product cannot be used on wood, food cooking utensils, plates, glasses, tinted automotive glass, or upholstery.


Method Mint Glass + Surface CleanerMethod Mint Glass + Surface Cleaner

Product Details: Method Mint Glass + Surface Cleaner in mint is made with naturally derived ingredients and plant-based technology for nontoxic cleaning and is ammonia-free. This surface cleaner removes dirt, dust, and fingerprints from glass, tile stone, and more.
How to use: Just simply spray and wipe the product off the area and you’re done!


Pine-Sol Lemon Fresh Multi-Purpose CleanerPine-Sol Lemon Fresh Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Product Details: This product cuts through tough grease and grime fast, deodorizes and eliminates unpleasant odors, with deep-down cleaning power. The fresh scent lingers long after using this product.

How to use:

Mix ¼ cup of Pine-Sol Lemon Fresh Multi-Purpose Cleaner for each gallon of water. Dampen a soft cloth, mop, or soft sponge with the mixture to wipe down the surface. Gently scrub stubborn spots with a scrub, brush, or mop. Rinse with water afterward.

Invisible Glass CleanerInvisible Glass Cleaner

Product Details: Invisible Glass Cleaner is ammonia-free with fine mist spray that clings tight on glass, providing a streak-free shine with no residue, no mess, and no lingering aroma.

How to use:

Hold the can 8 to 10 inches away from the surface to be cleaned. Use a soft, clean, dust-free cloth or towel, wipe the surface gently, lift and remove unwanted dust.

Wrapping Up!

Window cleaning can be a tiring and annoying chore that never stops, all work and effort will be totally worth it when it comes to having the perfect crystal window you have wished for. With these products, you can peacefully enjoy the beautiful weather seen from your window.

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