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Case Study: Addressing Challenges for Emily

Client: Emily

Location: Christchurch

Client Overview

Emily, a resident of Christchurch, sought a cleaning service from Premium Clean New Zealand that could be trusted to clean her home while she was on holiday. She provided detailed instructions to ensure everything would be handled in her absence.


Despite Emily’s detailed preparations and instructions, multiple issues complicated the service. The cleaner encountered difficulties such as arriving at the wrong address, misinterpreting the access code, and failing to follow specific instructions regarding the sheets. These challenges were primarily due to communication errors and resulted in a process that was more time-consuming than intended.

The Premium Clean Solution

To address these issues, Premium Clean took several corrective steps:

  • Improved Communication Protocols: Enhanced communication measures were implemented to ensure that all details provided by clients were double-checked and communicated to the cleaning staff.
  • Staff Training: Additional training sessions focused on attention to detail and carefully reviewing client instructions.
  • Feedback Implementation: Feedback from Emily’s experience was used to refine the operational process, ensuring that such issues are minimised in the future.


Upon realising the mix-up, Premium Clean acted swiftly to rectify the situation:

  • Direct Resolution: The assigned cleaner made several attempts to clarify the correct details, demonstrating a commitment to completing the task as Emily instructed.
  • Management Involvement: Premium Clean’s management intervened to ensure all correct information was relayed and followed and to facilitate communication between the cleaner and Emily.


Despite the initial setbacks, the issues were resolved, and the cleaning was completed to Emily’s standards before her return from holiday. Premium Clean’s proactive steps ensured that Emily’s home was well cared for, albeit after some initial hurdles.

Client Feedback

Emily noted the difficulties but acknowledged the efforts to address the situation: “All instructions were left so we could go on holiday. The cleaner had to call four times, getting the wrong address and code. We didn’t get instructions written on the form for sheets, which was quite a timely process for what was meant to make it easier.”


This case study illustrates the importance of accuracy and efficiency in handling client instructions and the effectiveness of responsive service recovery measures. Premium Clean New Zealand’s commitment to resolving unforeseen issues and learning from feedback ensures continuous improvement in service quality.

Last Updated on June 19, 2024

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