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Top 5 Highly-Recommended Best Bedroom Carpets and How to Clean them

Choosing the best bedroom carpets is fun and exciting, considering that it is critical in its overall design. The right bedroom carpet can elevate the design while giving the comfort and warmth that you bought it for.

It is really hard to choose the perfect bedroom carpet as there are plenty of choices available. However, we can point you in the right direction. In this article, we will discuss the types of bedroom carpets and important considerations when selecting the best option. As a bonus, we will also give some tips on carpet cleaning.

Here we go!

Points to Consider When Choosing Bedroom Carpets

Bedroom carpets are an important component of every bedroom design. As there are plenty of different styles and types of rugs to pick from, here are some of the points that you should consider before choosing the best bedroom carpets options.

Best Bedroom Carpets
Best Bedroom Carpets

Every bedroom has a specific style and your rug should complement your design. You can choose from traditional to contemporary to suit your taste. Even if the bedroom has an eclectic style, there are always best bedroom carpets that may fit in well.


The bedroom carpet’s colour is related to its style. Your choice of colour is related to the style of the room and its overall theme. You can choose a sophisticated neutral colour to go well with anything or make the floor be the centre of attention with stunning hues.


The primary reason why a bedroom carpet is necessary is that it provides comfort underfoot. It can also add visual and physical warmth to the room. Carpets come in a wide range of piles, densities and range thickness. All these can affect the comfort of the carpet.

Fibre and Material

Bedroom carpets are made from different materials ranging from synthetics to natural fibres. They can be wool, nylon, or polyester and they vary in comfort level and cost.


Every type of carpet comes with different price tags. They vary depending on the material used, pile, pattern, density, manufacturer, and many other factors.

Types of Best Bedroom Carpets

For the bedroom, which has less foot traffic compared to the kitchen or living room, you should choose based on comfort level, warmth, and aesthetics.

Take a look at some of your options.

Higher Pile

High Pile CarpetsCarpets are labelled as low, medium, or high piles and this pertains to the height of the carpet fibres. In the bedroom, where there is a low traffic, you should choose a high pile rug because of the level of comfort and warmth it brings.

Plush Carpet

Plush CarpetsPlush pertains to the style and construction of the carpet. It is also referred to as texture carpeting because it uses two tones of fibres made in a twisted, cut pile method. This type of carpet is super soft and comfortable and hides the dirt. The only downside is it can easily show the indentation from footprint and furniture.

Berber Carpet

berber carpetIt is not as plush or textured as the first two bedroom carpets but Berber rugs are still of good quality. In this type, the fibres are not cut. Instead, they are looped. It is still soft but more relaxed and is suitable for a kid’s bedroom or if you have pets.

Patterned Carpet

patterned carpetThis carpet is a combination of a loop or Berber fibres and textured to create patterns. It is not as soft or plush but adds sophistication and visual interest to the room.

Tips on How to Keep Your Bedroom Carpet Clean

Your bedroom carpet or any carpet for that matter is a dirt magnet. It is important to keep it clean. Read our few simple tips on bedroom carpet cleaning and how to keep it clean.

Have a good vacuum.

To get all the dirt, hair, dead skin, and whatever out of your bedroom carpets, you need a reliable vacuum cleaner. It doesn’t have to be expensive. All you need are features like strong suction and brush roll. Vacuum the carpet weekly or you can do it more often if needed.

Get professional carpet cleaning.

Vacuuming is not enough to maintain your carpet. You need to get it professionally cleaned. Premium Clean, a carpet cleaning company in NZ offers steam cleaning and best bedroom carpet cleaning to extend the lifespan of your carpets.

Add some area rugs.

Another way to keep your bedroom carpets clean is by adding area rugs. You can use it on the carpet to work as a barrier and keep the dirt from getting into the carpet fibres.


You can install any type of bedroom carpets in your favourite room in the house. Just make sure that it suits your style and needs. If it is comfort you need, then you can use styles and fibres ideal for bedrooms.

Last Updated on March 15, 2024

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