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Cobwebs Cleaning Tips: Kiss the Cobwebs Goodbye

If you are seeing cobwebs inside and outside of your home and it is not yet Halloween, you need some help getting out of this sticky situation. Continue reading to resolve your cobwebs problems with our Cobwebs Cleaning Tips.

Many homeowners struggle with cobwebs. Just thinking of them hanging around creeps passengers by or even annoying to the eyes of the homeowners. Adding cobwebs cleaning to the tasks makes house cleaning even more difficult. The presence of cobwebs in your house means that you have some creepy crawlers. Having cobwebs is not bad at all. These spiders that inhabit them help you get rid of bugs like flies and mosquitoes, which can spread disease and harm your family.

They build webs to trap their prey in hard-to-reach places and leave them after they are done. Cobwebs, in general, seem hard to clean. However, they are less daunting than you think.

Follow our cobwebs cleaning tips on how you can get rid of cobwebs on your next deep cleaning schedule.

Cobwebs Cleaning Tips

The Perfect Tool

Cobwebs cleaning is not that hard. However, some people are not fond of getting up close and personal with them. The good news is you can clean the cobwebs with some distance between you and the creeper’s graveyard.

Cobweb Duster

Cobwebs CleaningTrue to its name, the cobweb buster is the perfect tool when you’re doing cobwebs cleaning, both internally and externally. You can purchase them at any local hardware store. It has hard bristles on its cone-shaped head attached to an extension pole.

What’s good about this cobwebs cleaning tool is you can add an extension if your ceiling is very high. You don’t have to step on a ladder to reach the ceiling. It also has replaceable brush heads. Buy one for the outside and one for the inside so that you don’t have to bring the creepers inside.

It is easy to use. You only need to twirl or swipe the head around the area to get the cobwebs. Wash the brush head and leave them dry for the next use.


Cobwebs CleaningThe best tool for cobwebs cleaning is the one you already have at home, your vacuum cleaner. You can use it on every corner of your ceiling, nooks, and crannies, particularly around the doors and windows. Vacuum is great, especially if you don’t want to touch cobwebs. They also come with extensions to suck up the cobwebs in the high ceiling. Remember to include vacuuming the cobwebs in your regular cleaning.

DIY Cobweb Cleaner

You can get creative and improvise your tool to clean the cobweb. Attach a cleaning cloth or a sock to the end of a yardstick or broom. Use this to wipe away the cobwebs around the corners. It is super cheap and yet effective in removing the cobwebs.

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An Ounce of Prevention

If you are still afraid of coming near the cobwebs, you might want to pick up that phone and schedule a professional cleaning, STAT. Premium Clean offers deep cleaning that includes getting rid of cobwebs in your home. Cobwebs cleaning is always part of our cleaning checklist.

We still believe that prevention is the key to getting rid of cobwebs. Avoid using pesticides as the fumes can harm your pets and kids. Prevent the spiders from coming in by keeping one step ahead and covering their access.

When you’ve got them covered, you can focus on more important things to make your house warmer and more welcoming. And the next time you need cobweb cleaning or other services, our professionals at Premium Clean is here to help.

Our professional team will handle your cleaning with our complete cleaning checklist.

Last Updated on March 15, 2024

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