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Case Study: Enhancing Service Quality for Tegan

Client: Tegan

Location: Wellington

Client Overview

Tegan, from Wellington, enlisted Premium Clean New Zealand for what she expected to be a thorough Spring Clean of her home. She anticipated a spotless and detailed cleaning that covered all areas, including those often overlooked.

The Challenge

While appearing satisfactory initially, the initial cleaning service did not meet Tegan’s expectations for a Spring Clean. Upon closer inspection, Tegan discovered significant dust accumulation behind the bedside tables upstairs, indicating that the cleaning was not as comprehensive as required for what she had expected as a deep clean.

The Premium Clean Solution

Premium Clean took immediate steps to rectify the shortcomings of the initial service:

  • Quality Assurance Review: Conducted an internal review of the cleaning procedures used in Tegan’s home to identify where the service did not align with company standards for a Spring Clean.
  • Re-training Staff: Reinforced training for cleaning staff on the specific requirements and standards expected for different types of cleaning services, especially for a Spring Clean, which is expected to be more thorough.
  • Service Redo: Arranged a follow-up cleaning session at no additional cost to Tegan, focusing specifically on the areas not adequately cleaned during the initial visit.


The follow-up actions included:

  • Detailed Cleaning: The team returned to Tegan’s home, focusing particularly on deep cleaning areas that had been missed previously, such as behind and beneath furniture, ensuring a comprehensive clean throughout.
  • Direct Communication: Maintained open lines of communication with Tegan to ensure her concerns were fully understood and addressed and to confirm her satisfaction with the revised cleaning efforts.


The corrective measures taken by Premium Clean led to a significantly improved outcome:

  • Client Satisfaction: Tegan reported satisfaction with the follow-up cleaning, noting that it met her expectations for a thorough Spring Clean.
  • Improved Service Delivery: The incident provided valuable insights to enhance training and quality assurance practices, improving service delivery for all future clients.

Client Testimonial

Following the revised service, Tegan acknowledged the company’s efforts to address her concerns:

“Initially, the clean seemed fine, but it was not as detailed as I expected for a Spring Clean. After reporting this, Premium Clean quickly addressed the issue, providing a thorough clean that met my expectations.”


This case study illustrates Premium Clean New Zealand’s commitment to client satisfaction and continuous improvement. By swiftly and effectively responding to feedback, Premium Clean ensures that its services meet and exceed client expectations.

Last Updated on June 19, 2024

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