How Does Premium Clean Hire Cleaners?

How Does Premium Clean Hire Cleaners?

At Premium Clean, we have the goal to find skillful and passionate cleaners that are capable of delivering the best cleaning services to you.

Before anything else, we guarantee you that we only recruit cleaners who have a minimum of at least a year of experience. With that, only 2% of applicants actually make it through the following screening process.

Our applicants go through our custom online cleaning skills test. Once they pass this, a phone call interview will follow. We do this to narrow down the number of applicants who will be invited for the next step of recruitment.

Those who exhibit competence and passion move to the next step which is the face to face interview. In this phase, we ask them a list of questions to learn more about their character as well as their knowledge of cleaning. Every successful applicant moves to the orientation phase with our operations team.

Succeeding the test and intensive interviews are the background check. From there on we perform reference checks, police checks, work history examination as well as identification checks on applicants prior to hiring.

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