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Get Your House Ready With this Coronavirus Cleaning Checklist

For most of us, the best way to stay safe is to stay at home! But is your home really safe? The only way you can make your home safe is proper cleaning and disinfecting. We know Coronavirus is not a common virus, so we are here with an exclusive cleaning checklist for your home.

Well, just like us, our homes are also prone to viruses and germs, so it is imperative to make sure that it is clean and disinfected from any fatal viruses including Coronavirus.

As per research conducted by healthcare experts, Coronavirus or Covid-19 spreads through droplets of someone infected with this virus.

A Comprehensive Coronavirus Cleaning Checklist to Make Your House Ready for Battle

We have categorized the cleaning checklist on a daily and weekly basis so that you can understand what needs to be done daily or weekly.

Daily Cleaning Checklist to Disinfect Your Home

The Bedroom and Living room

  • Clean the door handles and knobs
  • Clean and sanitize bed mattresses and pillows
  • To exterminate airborne bacteria and viruses, use a disinfecting spray

The Kitchen

  • Disinfect and clean the sink hardware, appliances, door handles and knobs, cutting boards, and countertops
  • Get dishcloths that can sustain hot baths. Also, replace the dishcloths and towels every day
  • Clean all the stains and spills to ensure that they don’t magnetize bacteria and viruses
  • Take out the trash bin every day, and spray it with a disinfectant

The Bathroom

  • Disinfect and clean the bathroom handles and faucets
  • Clean wastebaskets and spray disinfectant to stop viruses from thriving
  • Clean and sanitize the toilet. Make sure to clean the flush handle as well
  • Change all the towels and washcloths after single-use

Weekly Cleaning Checklist to Disinfect Your Home

The Bedroom and Living room

  • Clean and mop the floor using water and disinfectant mixture
  • Clean and sanitize upholstery, carpets, and cushions
  • Change the bed linen and toss it in hot water for a quick wash
  • Clean and disinfect the furniture, electronic devices, smartphones, and other items you touch frequently

The Kitchen

  • Remove the hand wash holder and clean it
  • Clean the microwave and refrigerator
  • Scrub and disinfect the kitchen sink

The Bathrooms

  • Clean tooth brushes, toothbrush holder. Run them in the dishwasher if they are dishwasher safe.
  • Scrub and disinfect your bathtub, showerhead, shower caddy, and shower curtains or door.

Following this checklist can be a little tedious, but we at Premium Clean are here to help! You can book house cleaning experts with us to make sure that your home is properly cleaned and disinfected to fight fatal viruses and bacteria.

A Quick Suggestion: You should use 3M Neutral Disinfectant as it can exterminate harmful viruses including the Coronavirus. Prepare a cleaning solution using this disinfectant, or you can hand over the cleaning job to us as we make use of the best disinfectants to keep you and your family safe.

Tips to Fortify Your Family From Coronavirus

We, at Premium Clean, care for you and your family, so here are some tips right from the desk of healthcare experts that will assist you in protecting your family from Coronavirus.

Wash Your Hands Frequently

Healthcare experts recommend that washing your hands is the best thing you can do to protect yourself. You must wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water. Also, it would be great to keep a sanitizer handy, so that you can squirt it on your hands whenever required. (Get a hand sanitizer that constitutes 70% alcohol, at least)

Avoid Touching Your Mouth, Nose, and Eyes

Don’t touch your mouth, nose, and eyes too frequently. Coronavirus can make its way to the body through these vital organs. Also, wear a mask while heading outside, as it can help up to some extent.

Disinfect Appropriately

Disinfecting any surface requires you to clean it thoroughly before spraying a disinfectant. Also, don’t wipe the disinfectant right after spraying it, as it requires about 10 minutes in exterminating the viruses and bacteria.

You can book a cleaning maid with us to bid goodbye to the cleaning hassles! Our experts know how disinfectant works so they will make the best use of them to muster your home to fight against viruses.

Summing It Up

We admit that it can be an overwhelming task to clean your home while managing your job and kids. At Premium Clean, we can assist you with our house cleaning services, so that you can pay attention to your work and other crucial activities. Take note of our suggested cleaning checklist so you can combat and prevent the spread of Coronavirus at your home.

Our cleaning crew will clean and disinfect your home thoroughly. You can book a maid with us in just 60-seconds.

Get a service quote with us and confirm your booking on the go.

Premium Cleaning Services is committed to the health and well being of our people, clients, and communities. We value our relationship with you and we want to reassure you that we remain open to business and continue with providing our cleaning services.

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