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Why Green Cleaning is a Tiny But Imperative Step in Living a Greener Life

Have you heard about green cleaning and green living? At some point, green living (or sustainability, as some would call it) has become an ‘in word’ across the public—activists, influencers, local businesses, and even ordinary civilians whose primary dream is to make a difference by saving the planet.

More and more people have been practicing a zero-waste lifestyle, ditching plastic and fast fashion, having Meatless Mondays, along with many efforts to become environmentally conscious. 

Green Cleaning, Greener Life

Green Cleaning Products

Green cleaning is one of the aspects of green living that is often unrecognized and brushed aside. While this is the case, there could be two reasons behind this verdict.  First, the method of green cleaning is different from what we’re used to. And second, you would hardly find anything when you try to search for ‘green cleaning services near me.’

So to beef up your greener life, here are some imperative reasons why green cleaning is worth buzzing over.

1.) Safer and Healthier Home

Most cleaning solutions that we traditionally use at home are heavy in harmful chemicals. There is a reason as to why it’s always advised to wear gloves and masks during application, ensuring that the place is also well-ventilated to avoid suffocation from toxins.

When absorbed into the skin or inhaled by anyone in the area, these chemicals could cause you to cough and splutter, or worse, acquire respiratory ailments and allergic reactions when often exposed—who would want that for their family?

2.) Fewer Expenses

Vinegar, baking soda and lemons

Did you know that you can actually save tons of dough by simply switching green? The ingredients you need to craft your own green cleaning solutions are commonly found in your pantry staples! Vinegar, baking soda and lemons don’t only go well with your cooking, but they also do wonders in removing germs and bacteria in every nook and cranny of your home.

Although most people opt for traditional cleaning solutions due to their alluring fragrance, take note that these scents are just added chemicals which makes them even more hazardous. To spice up your DIY green cleaner, you may add a few drops of essential oil of your liking. Definitely a win-win!

3.) Cleaner Planet

As you spritz a few drops of your usual cleaning agent, dangerous chemicals are being released out there, causing a negative impact on the quality of air in your surroundings. Most unused cleaning solutions are often disposed of in waterways, creating massive water pollution and affecting life in the ocean. With the number of plastic containers used to house cleaning products, more and more trash goes straight to the landfill, taking a thousand years to completely decompose. The use of traditional cleaning solutions has been affecting our planet’s natural resources—air, water, and land. 

Switch to Green Now!

Green cleaning may need some getting used to, but its impact on our health, wellbeing, the environment, and of course our pockets, is worth the switch. While the importance of this method is yet to be appreciated by many, it couldn’t be denied that living a greener life equates to living a good life.

Convinced to switch to green cleaning? Hold your fingers and stop searching for ‘green cleaning services near me’ because with the number of cities that we’re currently servicing in—11 cities in NZ to be exact—Premium Clean is definitely within your reach! 

Last Updated on March 15, 2024

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