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Simple and Easy Hacks in Cleaning Mould Off Curtains

It is common for moulds to grow on curtains as they usually thrive in warm and moist spaces like windows. Like mildew, they are fungi that have different reactions to cleaning agents. Read the rest of the article for easy hacks in cleaning mould off curtains.

Therefore, before cleaning mould off curtains, you must be able to differentiate moulds from mildew. Moulds are usually black or green, while mildew is either white, grey, or yellowish. The latter thrives in warm and moist areas, while the former grows on any wet surface.

Moulds are more difficult to remove than mildew. However, some remedies are available in your pantry to clean them. These cleaning agents are safe and do not hurt pets, children, or anything nearby.

Here are some effective ways of cleaning mould off curtains that guarantees easy cleaning.

easy tip cleaning mould off curtains

Quick Way to Clean Mould Off Curtains

Moulds commonly grow on curtains. These are the necessary steps that you can do yourself to remove the moulds from your curtains. Before proceeding with your house cleaning, make sure to check whether your curtain needs specific cleaning. Some curtains may need dry cleaning, so it is better to know it first.

Follow these steps to get mould out of curtains.
Step 1. Cleaning the moulds off the curtain with a hard bristle brush.
The initial step in cleaning mould is using a hard bristle brush to remove as much mould as possible. Perform this step outside to prevent the spores from spreading inside your home.

Step 2. Apply a stain remover.
The next step in cleaning mould off curtains is to apply a stain remover on the affected areas. There is a commercial and homemade cleaning solution that you can use. Choose them wisely.

Step 3. Machine washes the curtains.
After letting the cleaning solution sit well on the stain, you can machine wash the curtain at a low temperature (around 40 degrees or lower). Use a good detergent, baking soda and fabric softener to leave the curtain fresh and clean.

Step 4. Hang the curtains to dry.
Instead of letting the curtain dry in the dryer, it is better to air them out. The sun can act as a natural disinfectant and kill moulds.

Natural Solutions in Cleaning Mould Off Curtains

These remedies are natural and safe to use. In some cases, you don’t have to rinse the curtains with these methods. All you need is a spray bottle.

#1. Vinegar Solution
Numerous studies suggest that white vinegar can kill 82 per cent of household moulds, including those in your curtains. It is generally safe and can prevent future mould infestations.

Aside from cleaning mould off curtains, white vinegar solution can also make the odour go away. Spray a liberal amount on the affected area of the curtain and let it stand for an hour or so. After a while, wipe it off with a brush or towel.

#2. Baking Soda
There are a lot of house cleaning issues that baking soda can solve, including cleaning mould off curtains. Dissolve enough baking soda in water to make a solution. Put it in a spray bottle and spray it on the affected area. Leave it for an hour and wipe off the moulds and residue. It will have no remaining odour as vinegar does.

#3. Citrus Extract
Another homemade cleaning solution that can effectively remove moulds from curtains is a citrus extract. Lemon, for example, can effectively clean mould off curtains and leave a fresh odour afterwards.

Using twenty drops of citrus on two cups of water is enough to break down the moulds. Spray it on the mouldy area of the curtain including the rod and hooks. No need to rinse it off. Just wipe it off with a brush or towel.

#4. Tea Tree Oil
Tea tree oil is not highly recommended when there are pets around. Make sure to dilute it properly with about one percent of the essential oil to two cups of water. Apply the solution to the curtains and let it stand for two hours. Wipe it off and see the results.

This solution is not only effective in removing moulds off the curtain. It can also leave a great scent.

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Hire a Professional House Cleaners

Some moulds are harder to remove than others, especially if you have not cleaned your curtains in a long time. Premium Clean offers house cleaning services that include cleaning mould off curtains.

Professional curtains cleaning services are done by trained specialists who can do the cleaning on-site. If you are looking for a sure solution to remove moulds from your curtains, give them a call today.

Last Updated on March 15, 2024

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