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How To Spruce Up Your Home Under 20 Minutes!

You have received a call from family or friends saying, “we will be there at your house in the next 20 minutes”. You looked at the house and found everything is been messed up. While it may be too short of time and your family friend doesn’t need to know about your dirty secret.

Some quicker way to spruce the house in 20 minutes!

Make the Cushions fluffy and organized


Creased linens and cushions. Aligned the rugs to make it tidier. Target the family room and living room as these are the entertain location for family friends.

Do a quick Vacuum

Get the quick vacuuming and sweeping in the living and family room so the dust partial is not visible. A quick wipe on the tea table and coaster, where guests won’t be able to see any food particles and layers of dust.

Freshen and Brighten the place

Open the doors and windows so that the fresh air and natural light can come. Use candles in the night. Tie back of curtains so they look nicer and presentable.

DE- Cluttered the clutter

Organized your knickknacks is not possible. Use the old method and hide them away. Make sure the place is not reachable to the guest.

Refill the Vanity

Guests might need to use the washroom. A quick stock up with hand soap, hand towel, and toilet roll. A quick touch base with washbasin and toilet seat.

Bring the Flowers/Greens

Place a couple of flowerpots on the center and side tables. Greenery adds value to home and freshness.

Organize your display shelves

Re-arrangement of the bookshelves as original place at the time of collection, which gives the relaxation to guest eyes.

Pleasant smell

Use room freshener to make sure your house smells nice. Enhance the atmosphere of living and family room with rich fragrant aroma candles and defuser.

Dining Area

Organize the table nicely with cutlery. Prepare some delicious dinner for the guest.

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