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Natural Products to Clean your Streaky Shower Screens

Is your glass shower screen covered with grey spots?

Or can you not see through the supposed transparent glass doors anymore?

Natural Products to Clean your Streaky Shower ScreensNo matter how clean your bathroom is, dirty shower glass doors and walls look dirty. These hard water stains cause cloudiness and may become tricky to get rid of if left as is.

Although it’s not as simple as using a soapy sponge and glass cleaners, having a little cleaning know-how will get you a long way. If it’s much of a hassle though, Auckland cleaners like Premium Clean are here to the rescue.

If you’ve tried every product to Clean your Streaky Shower screens and nothing seems to work, these 89-cent products may do the trick.

Prepare the basic supplies below.

  • Spray bottle
  • Sponge
  • Damp cloth or rag

Slip on your gloves, thoroughly rinse the glass with water, and wipe over it with a soft sponge.

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lemon as product for cleaningLemon as a product to clean your showers

  1. Pour bottled concentrate or freshly squeezed lemon juice onto a soft sponge.
  2. Wipe the dampened sponge over the glass surfaces.
  3. Leave it for a few minutes.
  4. Thoroughly rinse away lemon juice with plenty of clean water or white vinegar, then put water.
  5. Dry glass to shine with a paper towel.

Baking Soda for CleaningBaking soda as a shower cleaner

For tougher stains, head to your pantry and pull out the baking soda as a product to Clean your Streaky Shower!

  1. Mix baking soda with a little water to make a thick paste.
  2. Sponge the paste over the glass
  3. Pay more attention to stubborn stains, such as around door hinges.
  4. Rinse with clean water, then dry it with a paper towel.

Toothpaste shower cleaning hacktoothpaste for cleaning.jpg

If you’d instead use a ready-made paste than mixing baking soda with water as a product to Clean your Streaky Shower, regular white toothpaste is a great alternative.

  1. Apply the paste to a damp soft sponge
  2. Smear it over the glass surfaces
  3. Rinse with plenty of clean water.
  4. Repeat this process, if necessary.
  5. Thoroughly dry glass with a paper towel.

Vinegar Spray for CleaningVinegar shower spray: Most Innovative product to clean your showers

As you may or may not already know, just like baking soda, vinegar is an excellent cleaning hack and shower product cleaner for almost every chore. Some shower cleaners, especially in Auckland, may not work as great as the great vinegar.

  1. Pour white vinegar into a spray bottle.
  2. If you prefer, dilute the vinegar up to 50/50 with water and add a squeeze of lemon for a fresh scent.
  3. Drench the glass surfaces with the vinegar solution.
  4. Leave for a few minutes, then thoroughly work over the stains with a soft sponge or soft-bristled brush.
  5. Apply more solutions if necessary.
  6. Rinse thoroughly with clean water. Dry glass to shine with a paper towel.


These hard water spots appear when water drops dry on your glass walls and doors. To keep these clean, prevent water from drying on them in the first place. No more need to use other products to clean your showers.

Try the steps below:

Place a squeegee in the shower to wipe down the glass after use. After wiping it down, apply a hydrophobic compound to keep water spots off the glass.

An option is to install a water softener. Though a more expensive solution, more problems will be solved by reducing mineral buildup on the shower walls and door. Another maintenance solution is hiring Auckland cleaners to make the job easier.

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With natural shower products to Clean your Streaky Shower, you won’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to get squeaky clean shower screens!

Having streak-free glass screens is no longer an impossible dream with these DIY products.

We understand your needs. Life can catch up with you and your family, and you will not have time to clean your streaky shower screens.

No worries! Auckland cleaners like Premium Clean are to the rescue. Give us a call, and we’ll make your whole home spick and span in a matter of hours.

Last Updated on May 20, 2024

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