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Effective Office Cleaning Tips: 7 Budget-Friendly Ways to Keep Your Office Neat and Clean

Numerous studies revealed about 70% of employees feel that a disorganized office harms their productivity. Another 50% say that it can affect their motivation. Needless to say, a neat and clean office is vital for the overall health and wellness of the employees. Here’s our take on Office Cleaning Tips for a cleaner and neater office.

However, keeping an office clean is hard, especially with the number of staff working. Hiring professionals for regular office cleaning is part of the budget for large corporations. But, if you are a small business without a lot of money to spend, hiring is out of the question.

Don’t worry. You can still keep a clean and professional office without harming your budget.

Here are some effective office cleaning tips on how you can maintain an organized work environment.

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Office Cleaning Tips #1. Arrange proper storage for office supplies

When you don’t have a proper place for your office supplies, it will result in clutter. Purchase desks with built-in drawers, organize filing cabinets and shelves, and dedicate cabinets to stash the small items needed in the workplace.

Repurpose old filing cabinets instead of buying new ones. Shelves inside a closet with labels will be very helpful to organize the work items you don’t want in plain sight. The labels will help others to find what they are looking for if it’s common storage.

Office Cleaning Tips #2. Declutter

Remove the items that you don’t use. When everyone in the office practices this, there will be less desktop clutter. Office supplies should be kept in a box or a drawer if not in use. Just retrieve them when you need them. The general rule is anything that you are not using in a week should be kept in storage. This way office cleaning is limited to the common areas and floors.

The atmosphere in your office will be much cleaner and less stressful if it is not too cluttered and messy.

Office Cleaning Tips #3. Slowly transition to a paperless office

The clutter in the office is usually caused by papers from printing emails, invoices, and other transactions. Take advantage of the available computer programs and apps that allow the storage of information online. No more printing and filing will be needed for your business as you can store and share the information from there. It will not only remove the clutter in your office but will also help save the environment.

Office Cleaning Tips #4. Keep the common areas clean

The common areas in your office are shared by your employees. Teach your employees to respect these spaces by cleaning as they go. With this habit, these areas will be kept clean and will cause less stress to your employees.

Office Cleaning Tips #5. Implement a no eating at your desk policy

Eating at our desk (even at our home office) is a bad habit. It can leave behind crumbs and sticky surfaces all over our workplace. Allocate a designated area for employees to eat to minimize dirt on the office desks. This place will also double as an area where your employees can relax and destress. It is good for developing employee culture and well-being too.

Office Cleaning Tips #6. Clean the computers and printers

We tend to forget to clean the office devices we are using, which means we are unknowingly transferring bacteria all over the workplace. If you think of how often we are using them in the workplace, we know the potential hazards we are exposing our co-workers to. Sanitize your devices and the equipment you commonly use in the office to keep everybody healthy. It is part of office cleaning SOPs that we tend to disregard.

Office Cleaning Tips #7. Choose a budget-friendly yet effective cleaning company

While you cannot do away with regular office cleaning in Auckland, particularly with common areas like the bathroom and kitchen, you can save money by hiring professionals from an affordable yet reliable company. Discuss with them your budget and how you want to save.

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You can use our recommendations above to cut down the mess in our workplace. However, we cannot do deep office cleaning ourselves. As we have better things to do with our time instead of cleaning.

That is why we should hire professionals to do the office cleaning. In Auckland, hire Premium Clean. Their office cleaning services can make your employees feel comfortable and confident knowing they work in a clean environment.

Last Updated on March 15, 2024

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