Pet Stains & Odor Treatment

Premium Clean expertly, safely, and professionally eliminates pet stains and odors, ensuring your home is fresh and welcoming. With over 8 years of experience, our New Zealand-based team offers specialized treatments that let you enjoy your home and pets without compromise.

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Professional Pet Odor Removal Service

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Odor and Smell Removal

Premium Clean's pet odor treatment penetrates beyond the surface to thoroughly remove entrenched pet odors and smells, ensuring your carpets are left feeling fresh.

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Minimizes Discoloration

Premium Clean's pet spot treatment does more than just remove stains and odors; it also significantly diminishes discoloration, bringing back the vibrant appearance of your carpets.

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Quick-Drying Process

Premium Clean's expert pet and odor treatment delivers outstanding results with a fast-drying methodology, ensuring your daily routine faces minimal interruption.

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Enjoy the Cuddles Without the Odors

Though adorable, pets can sometimes leave behind less-than-lovable marks in your living spaces. Pet stains have a tendency to penetrate deep into the carpet, its backing, the padding, or even the floor underneath, leading to stubborn odors that can be challenging to eliminate without expert intervention.

At Premium Clean, our specialists are expertly trained to address both the surface and deeper layers of your carpeting, ensuring the extraction of even the most embedded pet stains. You can trust us to leave your floors clean and safe for both you and your pets.

Pet owners are often in search of the most effective method to rid their homes of pet spots and odors. Unlike standard carpet cleaning solutions that merely address the issue superficially by masking odors with scents or perfumes, Premium Clean offers a deeper solution. We ensure a comprehensive clean without resorting to the addition of any fragrances.

Pet Spot Treatment Options

Level I

Essential Bio Treatment

This method is effectively utilized for areas with mild to moderate biological contamination. It targets and neutralizes biological concerns and odors at the surface level of flooring or fibers, ensuring a clean and odor-free environment.

Level II

Comprehensive Bio Treatment

Employing a thorough saturation and extraction technique, this level is designed for moderate to severe biological contamination. It becomes necessary when the contamination has penetrated beyond the surface to the carpet backing and/or padding, ensuring a deeper cleanse.

Level III

Complete Replacement

In instances where biological contamination is too severe to be effectively treated, we advise a complete carpet replacement. This comprehensive approach includes the installation of new tack strips, padding, and carpeting, guaranteeing that all biological issues are fully addressed and resolved.

Bid Farewell to Persistent Stains

Untreated pet stains can lead to a disagreeable and unhealthy living space.

Acidic pet urine seeps into carpet or rug fibers, affecting both the carpet and the floor beneath. As the urine dries and undergoes oxidation, it triggers a chemical reaction that results in a yellowing effect, potentially causing permanent damage to the carpet. Premium Clean's BioTreatment is designed to address these contaminated fibers, aiming to eliminate as much discoloration as possible.

When urine dries in the carpet, it shifts to an alkaline state, prompting both bacterial and chemical changes. This process forms urea salts, which attract moisture, potentially keeping odor-inducing bacteria active for prolonged periods. For a thorough clean, it is crucial to neutralize these remnants to eradicate bacteria and eliminate the source of the odor.

To successfully remove stubborn pet odors and stains, it's essential to treat not only the carpet but also the backing, pad, and at times, the subfloor. Premium Clean's standard process, featuring our advanced cleaning technology, typically resolves these challenging spots. For more severe issues, we employ a specialized sub-extraction technique to tackle even the deepest stains.

Maintain a clean and healthier environment for both you and your pets with Premium Clean.

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Carpet Cleaning Process

Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
Step 6
Expert Assessment

Our IICRC-certified technicians carefully inspect your carpet, tailoring the cleaning to its unique needs. They identify fibre types and potential wear areas and pre-treat any visible stains for optimal results.

Dry Soil Removal

We start by pre-vacuuming, eliminating up to 80% of dry soil and debris. This ensures the deep cleaning stages are even more effective.

Targeted Pre-Stain Treatment

Our technicians use IICRC-approved solutions for each stain based on its composition and severity. This targeted approach ensures the best chance of removal without damaging your carpet.

Deep-Penetrating Pre-Spray

Our eco-friendly pre-spray formula penetrates deep into the fibres, efficiently loosening and breaking down dirt, grime, and odours. This powerful yet gentle formula promotes a healthier environment.

Mechanical Agitation

We gently dislodge any remaining dirt and debris trapped within the fibres using a state-of-the-art counter-rotating brush. This crucial step prepares your carpet for the final rinse and extraction.

High-Powered Rinse and Extraction

We utilize the industry-leading Mytee extractor to thoroughly remove the pre-spray, loosened dirt, and excess moisture. Your carpets will be left clean, fresh, and dry in just 2 hours!

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. All cleaners and services booked with us through the Premium Clean website and mobile application are paid through the platform. Our cleaners are instructed not to accept cash/cheque.


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Breathe Easy with Pet-Friendly Freshness!

Pets are family, but their odors don't have to stay. Our pet odor treatment service eliminates unwelcome smells, leaving your home fresh and inviting. Say goodbye to pet odors and hello to a fresher, cleaner home today!

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