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Premium Clean Passes MBIE Compliance Audit

[Auckland, NZ, May 5, 2021]

MBIE (Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment) is the government regulatory body that monitors compliance with the required employment conditions in New Zealand.

MBIE carries out a random inspection of employers of vulnerable workers in the fields of cleaning, food catering, aged care, and caretaking services in the education sector.

Premium Clean employs a large number of cleaning staff that works all across New Zealand.

On 17 Nov 2020 Premium Clean was subjected to an audit by MBIE and received a favourable report of 100% compliance with each area inspected.

Priyanka Dhiman, CEO / Founder at Premium Clean says, “It’s a great achievement to pass the compliance audit from MBIE during this uncertain time. We all work hard to maintain a comfortable working environment for our Team. We regard all our staff as a valuable asset and partner as we achieve our goal to become a premier cleaning company in the country.”


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