Wellness Starts with a Spotless Environment

Comprehensive Health & Wellness Centre Cleaning

Elevate the cleanliness and well-being of your health and wellness centre with Premium Clean's specialized Health & Wellness Centre commercial cleaning services. Trust us to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness in your wellness oasis.

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A Clean Start to Every Healthy Journey

We understand the importance of a clean, hygienic health and wellness facility. That's why our team is dedicated to keeping your space spotless and ensuring the well-being of everyone who walks through your doors. We use top-notch cleaning techniques and eco-friendly products to ensure your space is in tip-top shape. With our exceptional services, we guarantee that your clients and members will be impressed with the cleanliness of your facility. Trust us to deliver a pristine environment that promotes health and wellness.

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Wellness Centre Cleaning

What We Can Do for You

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Thorough cleaning and sanitization of exercise machines, free weights, and fitness equipment to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria.

Detailed cleaning of locker rooms, including showers, benches, and floors, to maintain hygiene and prevent odours.

Sanitary cleaning of restrooms and washrooms, including disinfection of fixtures, countertops, and floors.

PA welcoming and spotless reception area to make a positive first impression on your clients.


Ensuring your staff have a clean, comfortable space to relax and recharge.

Professional cleaning and maintenance of all types of flooring, including carpet, hardwood, and tiles.

Crystal-clear windows and mirrors to enhance the overall appearance of your facility.

Use safe and eco-friendly cleaning products that prioritize the well-being of your clients and the environment.

Ongoing monitoring and quality checks to maintain consistent cleanliness standards.

Tailored cleaning plans to meet your specific requirements and scheduling needs.

Access to our customer support team around the clock for any questions or additional cleaning services.

What our Clients Say...

Don't take our word for it! Here are some things our clients have to say about our cleaning services.

What You Will Get when you Choose Premium Clean for your Health & Wellness Centre Cleaning

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Hygienic and Safe Environment
Hygienic and Safe Environment

Ensure health center cleanliness with our specialized service, promoting a spotless, sanitized environment, reducing infection risk for all.

spa cleaning
Customized Cleaning Solutions
Customized Cleaning Solutions

Customized cleaning for health & wellness centers: yoga studios, gyms, and spas. Tailored plans ensure a clean, inviting atmosphere.

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Expertise in Eco-Friendly Cleaning
Expertise in Eco-Friendly Cleaning

We use eco-friendly products and methods, promoting wellness and sustainability for your center, aligning with your ethos.

relaxing atmosphere
Promotes a Relaxing Atmosphere
Promotes a Relaxing Atmosphere

Trust us for a clean, relaxing space that enhances well-being and satisfaction for your clients. Calm, stress-free environments matter.

Here, there, everywhere in New Zealand

From the serene landscapes of Auckland to the tranquil retreats in Wellington and everywhere in between, Premium Clean's Health and Wellness Cleaning Services are dedicated to creating cleaner, healthier spaces across New Zealand. Trust us to nurture well-being in every community we serve.

Current cities we clean in:

Health & Wellness Cleaning Auckland
Health & Wellness Cleaning Christchurch
Health & Wellness Cleaning Dunedin
Health & Wellness Cleaning Hamilton
Health & Wellness Cleaning Hastings
Health & Wellness Cleaning Napier

Health & Wellness Cleaning Nelson
Health & Wellness Cleaning Palmerston North
Health & Wellness Cleaning Rotorua
Health & Wellness Cleaning Tauranga
Health & Wellness Cleaning Wellington

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Frequently Asked Questions

At Premium Clean, we maintain high cleaning standards and quality control through a combination of technology, innovation, and well-defined processes. Every cleaner is required to check in and check out using our app and complete a checklist before finishing the job. Additionally, we provide free quarterly audits to our customers, ensuring the cleanliness of their premises and giving them peace of mind.

Absolutely! We offer flexible scheduling options and can provide cleaning services outside of regular business hours, including evenings and weekends, to minimize disruption to your operations.

Premium Clean's screening procedures and security vetting provide our customers with confidence in the honesty and integrity of our cleaning staff. We conduct thorough character and background checks, and our personnel wear uniforms and carry photo IDs. Our careful selection process and comprehensive security protocols help us maintain a trusted reputation as a Trusted cleaning provider.

Yes, our cleaning services are highly customizable. During the site visit phase, we create a detailed scope of work tailored to each customer's specific requirements. This customized plan is then passed on to our on-floor team to ensure all tasks are completed according to your needs.

Premium Clean has developed a robust Health and Safety Management System to ensure a safe workplace. Our policies are designed to minimize risks associated with our work at your premises. We provide an HSME booklet that includes a site induction register, risk hazards and controls, data sheets of chemicals used, site reference folders, and policies on environmental sustainability.

Premium Clean Holds Public Liability insurance Covers of 20 Million .ublic Liability Insurance protects contractors from bearing the costs of accidents or damages that may occur while providing services at a customer’s premises.

Customized Health and Wellness Services for Every Wellness Center

We create personalized cleaning solutions tailored to your gym, spa, or clinic. We aim to ensure your customers always feel welcome in a spotless environment. We know your wellness centre is important to you, so we give it the special attention it deserves.

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