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Speed Cleaning 101: A Clean House in Minutes!

Speed Cleaning 101 A Clean House in Minutes!

There are lots of reasons a clean house is important, but the biggest is that our brains work better when the house is clean.

Over the years, people will surely ask how you do your house cleaning routine and how you keep things tidy most of the time.

With this article, we’ll give you tips on properly doing and refining your own “speed cleaning” routine. On average, it takes about 45 minutes to an hour to make your home sparkle every morning. This means you’ll spend about 5-7 hours a week cleaning. That is still a significant amount of time!

Speed Cleaning General Guidelines:
  • Starting with your master bedroom, you can make your way through the living room and kitchen to the girls’ room and bathroom.
  • Vacuuming and sweeping should be saved for the end of the house cleaning routine when you have everything clean. We mostly have hardwood floors, so it just takes about two minutes per day to wipe the floors. you then shake the mop outside and have the floors fresh.
  • Take the time to put away the collected items after you have finished tidying all the rooms. If you have more than one offender, use multiple laundry baskets.
  • Leave the glass cleaning until the very end. Once the house cleaning is completely done, you run around with my Windex and rag and spot-check all the windows and doors. You also wipe the fixtures and sink as well.
  • Spray down the showers/baths with daily shower cleaner after each use.
  • You should store your toilet brush in a container of bleach, and change it once a week.
  • Having an organized storage system for things like papers, mail, shoes, & toys is much easier than having them scattered everywhere.
Bedroom CleaningSpeed cleaning your Bedroom(s):
  • Any clothes, toys, and dishes lying around should be picked up immediately.
  • The room will look much cleaner if the bed is made, even if other things are lying around.
  • Make sure all surfaces, including the headboard and footboard, are dusted quickly using a duster or dry rag.
Speed cleaning your Bathroom(s):
  • Clean the toilet bowl with the cleaner, then let it sit for a few minutes.
  • Wipe down sinks, tubs, and showers with disinfectant wipes or a wet rag and disinfectant spray.
  • Use a toilet brush to quickly scrub the toilet, rim, and seat.
Speed cleaning your Living Room/Dining/Home Office Areas:
  • To wipe down leather furniture (if leather), tables (if wooden), and dining chairs, use a damp cloth.
  • Take care to put away any shoes, dishes, toys, or other items that are lying around. Put items into a basket and put them in a cupboard later.
  • Make sure the desk area is tidied and all paperwork & mail is filed & sorted into proper piles.
  • Dust all surfaces quickly with a duster.
Speed cleaning your Kitchen:
  • Put any spare items in the basket(s), as well as any dirty dishes. Collect any leftover food in the fridge and store it in the freezer.
  • Disinfect all counters with a disinfectant spray, then wipe the counters down using soap and water.
  • Drain and rinse the sink, then dry and store any dishes you have hand-washed. The secret to a truly clean-looking kitchen is a clutter-free counter and a nice clean sink.
Finishing Up:
  • Hard floors can be cleaned with a dry mop. Spot clean with a sponge if necessary.
  • Vacuum the rugs/carpet.
  • Make sure to clean mirrors & glass surfaces as needed with a lint-free cloth and glass cleaning solution. Don’t forget to spray & wipe bath fixtures for extra house cleaning shine!


Speed cleaning each morning may take a bit of getting used to, but once you do it regularly you will be done in no time, having free time to enjoy a clean house the rest of the day! If this house cleaning routine isn’t for you, Premium Cleaning Services is always here to give you a helping hand. Aside from the guidelines above, we do more than go through all your house areas for five minutes at a time. Customize how you want your house cleaned by contacting Premium Clean now.

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