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Case Study: Superior Service for Tennille

Client Overview

Tennille, located in Hamilton, needed a cleaning service that was effective, professional and considerate of her household, including a new kitten. She valued strong communication skills and flexibility from her cleaning service provider.

The Challenge

The presence of a young kitten in the house required a thorough cleaning approach that was mindful of the pet’s safety and comfort. Tennille expected a high level of professionalism and communication to accommodate her specific household needs.

The Premium Clean Solution

Premium Clean appointed Susan to manage Tennille’s cleaning requirements. Known for her excellent communication skills and ability to exceed client expectations, Susan was the ideal choice to meet the unique challenges of this assignment.


Susan’s strategy for Tennille’s home included:

  • Excellent Communication: From the outset, Susan ensured clear and open communication with Tennille, discussing her needs and expectations and how the cleaning process would be tailored to accommodate the kitten’s presence.
  • Adaptability: Susan demonstrated flexibility by adjusting her cleaning methods and schedule to work harmoniously around the young kitten, ensuring the pet’s safety and minimizing stress.
  • Professionalism and Decorum: Susan maintained high professionalism throughout the service, performing her duties efficiently while respecting Tennille’s home and personal space.


Susan’s service exceeded Tennille’s expectations in every regard. Her ability to adapt to the household’s needs while providing top-notch cleaning results impressed Tennille, leading her to express her intent to use Premium Clean’s services again.

Client Testimonial

Tennille was impressed and stated:

“Susan was amazing; she exceeded my expectations. She communicated well and was happy to work around the young kitten in the house. I was very impressed with her professionalism and decorum. 100% will be booking again.”


This case study exemplifies how Premium Clean New Zealand’s focus on customer-specific needs and exceptional service can create a satisfying and loyal client relationship. Susan’s attention to detail and accommodating nature fulfilled Tennille’s cleaning needs and established a lasting impression, ensuring ongoing business.
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Last Updated on June 19, 2024

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