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Tell-Tale Signs Your Hotel Room Needs a Cleaning Service

More than a year after the initial COVID-19 case in Wuhan, China, some can be found with a dampened holiday spirit. Although people may rejoice that the chances of a third lockdown are slim, especially with the first-ever vaccine coming from the country last December 8, precautions still lie at the back of the heads of the public. 

Due to the pandemic, room cleanliness is more than ever top of mind for consumers. Here are straight-forward ways you can use to identify if it is indeed time for a proper hotel or Airbnb cleaning service in Auckland. 

Where to scrutinize for signs 

  • Check the bathroom hotel luxury bathroom

When the bathroom’s not been thoroughly cleaned, it’s an obvious fact to guests.  

It’s simply hard to conceal untidiness in a bathroom-just look down! If your tiles no longer have white grout, it can most likely mean microorganisms are present. Be careful of these as they are often sources of grungy fungus-based ailments like athlete’s foot! 

The toilet is also a huge indicator of how well a bathroom has been sanitized. Take a peek inside the tank and if the walls are starting to look like something from a horror movie-slimy and dark walls-it might be time to re-educate your housekeeping team. If the rim inside the bowl is as catastrophic, you no longer need to doubt! 

Moving on to the wash area, what to keep a look-out for are black or green mold, leftover hair, soap, and shampoo scum on the walls or curtains. 

  • Check the window frames window cleaning

The summer season is known to be a bringer of dust and left-over spring pollen. With this, it’s best to check the windows from the inside and outside. Is there any dust that is clinging onto the glass or cobwebs that have formed at the pinnacle of the window frame? Along with the change of season is also the shifting of temperatures, this can cause mildew to form on window sills. Check around for any dead creepy crawlies lying around too!

If your space permits smoking, previous guests may have had the habit of smoking near the windows for some sight-seeing. Don’t forget to inspect for any stray cigarette tar.

  • Check tight spaces 

Yes, it’s a hassle, but moving furniture around especially those back to the wall can help you identify if it’s time to start looking for an Auckland-based cleaning service for hotels and Airbnbs. Tight spaces are often overlooked because the heavy lifting is just so tedious to do. Remember though, dust and dirt usually love those nooks and crannies. Get it moving and you might just get a peek of what’s being said or worse, leftover items from previous guests. 

  • Check high-touch points with UV

UV lamps for disinfecting became quite a craze this pandemic. However, what a lot don’t know is that there are different types of UV (A, B, and C) along with their varied functions. Sadly, many have fallen for misleading marketing due to their lack of research. 

Two types of UV can be utilized in this case, UV-A and UV-C. UV-A’s function is not to kill bacteria but rather to verify if an area has been properly cleaned or not. On the other hand, UV-C is utilized to engage bacteria, especially spore-forming bacteria, and kill them. 

In the practice of checking for cleanliness, it is recommended to use UV-A to check high-touch points such as beds, sofas, knobs, switches, remotes, appliances, etc., for fingerprints or dust.

Hotel Cleaning Services

Moving Forward 

If you find that there are indeed tell-tale signs, the succeeding step is perhaps to look for the number of a reliable cleaning service. No longer needing to look far, Premium Clean offers Auckland-based cleaning services for hotels and Airbnb. With just a few clicks, you’re not only on the way to receiving a cleaning service with a 100% satisfaction guarantee but also the assurance of pleasure from your guests. Book now and receive the promise of a premium clean service.

Last Updated on March 15, 2024

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