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What’s Under Your Appliances?

With a little over a month into the spring season in Wellington, you might be thinking about finally starting the hard task of spring cleaning. You might have landed on our page because you keyed in domestic cleaning in Wellington. Well, the search is over because you’re in the right place with our article.

Now is the time to start deep cleaning and digging into your home’s nooks and crannies. When we say “home,” we do not just mean your aging pantry boards, cluttered closets, or even dusty attics—we mean something more extensive! You got it—we’re talking about going through the trouble of moving and checking on your appliances.

Appliances cover a multitude of items that we use every day, from the refrigerator to our big-screen TVs and down to our toasters. These are common places that dirt and pesky bugs like to hide under. The question now is, who are the usual suspects?

Suspect # 1: A Year-old Grain of Rice


Some appliances come hand-in-hand with cleaning — once used, we clean immediately. A prime example is our stoves; many things could happen for a mess to ensue and dirt to enter. Your cooking sauce could splatter, and a quick taste before hastily dashing upstairs could result in fallen food debris or a dash of sugar that went a little over the pot. When the prior happens and you luckily catch a glimpse of it, normally, we clean it right after. However, if we examine more closely, sometimes our “quick” cleaning and wiping doesn’t do the deed. Look at the linings or under the control knob, and you might find specks of food debris hiding away for ants to add to their pile and chomp on once they overwinter.

Suspect # 2: Mr. Roachmrroach

Cockroaches, already the bane of our existence, become even bigger vermin than they are when they creep into our appliances. Ever hear a fast beat of legs walking coming from your exhaust fan but see nothing? That’s probably our suspect entering through the pipes and climbing into your fan. Although they’re about to meet their untimely death once they hit the fan, roaches love hiding away in moist, dark places like this.

Also attracted to the heat, roaches often like to slip under electronic appliances’ warmth. Due to this, many people find their items suddenly getting broken with no apparent damage externally. Once opened, roaches are found to have trampled the wiring with their prickly legs and nested eggs. This is one tough case to file under “Domestic Cleaning Wellington”, but with the help of professionals, routine deep-cleaning, and hardcore disinfecting materials such as boric acid, these nettlesome tenants will surely migrate.

dustbunniesSuspect #3: Dust Bunnies

Of course, we won’t forget the most wanted culprit hiding under our appliances—dust! Keeping dust out takes enormous effort for numerous reasons. First, dust is fine and often difficult to spot. Second, because of its fineness, it will slip under the compact of places in every curve and crevice it can find. With the aid of air purifiers and deep cleaning with microfiber cloths, you’ll be sure to drive them away.

What’s Next – Convicting and Driving Out the Suspect

Domestic Cleaning

Let us help you drive out whatever harmful elements are invading your spaces and appliances. With our highly trained cleaners equipped with the right PPE and hospital-grade disinfectants for sanitizing and cleaning, we assure you to keep your home free from germs and viruses. So, stop your search for “domestic cleaning Wellington” and book your journey to a squeaky-clean home with us now.

Last Updated on March 16, 2024

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