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What is House Washing: 2 Benefits & Best Types

We often hear house washing but what is house washing exactly? This is also a type of cleaning that requires more work and expertise.

This type of service should be part of our deep cleaning routine to maintain the appearance and condition of our house.

In this article, we are going to discuss how house washing is done and why you need it.

What is House Washing?

The main goal of house washing is to remove the grime and dirt on the house’s exterior. Once done, it will give the house a fresh, new look. The process may look simple, but it’s not. Certain precautions need to be observed to prevent damages to your home.

The procedure requires pressure washing to remove the dirt on the surfaces. In house washing, the pressure cleaning machine is fitted with a rotating bar that spins with the water flow. This enables faster cleaning compared to a regular garden hose as it has better control and precision.

You may use a pressure washer in your home to clean the driveways, concrete walls, and footpaths, even on sidewalk cleaning. The process is the same, only this time you have to work at height for the roofs and exterior walls.

In softer surfaces, a pressure washer may not be applicable. This is what professionals call soft house washing. Here a low-pressure washer is used to clean the wooden surfaces, outdoor furniture, and other areas that cannot withstand high pressure.

You can include some house washing solutions for a more effective clean. However, make sure that they are not harsh as they can erode the exterior painting on your walls.

What is house washing?

What is House Washing: The Benefits

House washing should be done once a year. You can schedule it with your deep cleaning activities or separately. Here are some of the benefits of regular house washing.

Prevents damage

Our home’s exterior is exposed to different elements at all times. Natural elements like the sun, wind, and rain as well as birds, insects, and many others can cause damage, discolouration, and soiling.

The build-up of grime can turn into stains and moulds, which are unsightly and dangerous to your concrete and painted walls. To prevent this, a good house washing can remove them and restore the hard surfaces.

Improves Curb Appeal House washing can help get rid of stains, dirt, bird droppings, and mould. After completing the process, you will love the difference as your house will appear as good as new. You don’t have to spend much on renovations, house washing will do.

Increases Your Home’s Value

A well-maintained exterior creates an impression that your house is well taken care of. If you are planning on putting your house on the market. You need house washing to remove the discolouration and stains. It will make it more appealing to prospective buyers.

What is House Washing: When to Use Pressure Washing?

When you use pressure washing, the machine expels water at 2,000 to 3,00 psi. This amount of pressure is effective in cleaning surfaces. However, it can also damage softer exteriors like your windows and roof.

High-pressure washing is recommended for tight and hard surfaces like your garage floors, brick walls, driveways, pathways, and many others. It can remove moulds, grime, and dirt without damaging the surface. You can also use this before sealing or painting.

What is House Washing: When to Use Soft Washing?

Another method used in house washing is soft washing. In this case, the pressure washer expels water at a pressure between 500 to 1000 psi – much like your garden hose. Professionals recommend soft washing for cleaning the home’s exterior surfaces with the help of a cleaner. The only downside with this method is that it tends to use more water.

The most common usage of soft washing is for removing algae from the roof. You can also use it for different types of surfaces like stucco, wood siding, painted wood, cedar shake, metal buildings, and many more.

Its advantages over pressure washing are: it can clean between crevices, can be used in detailed cleaning, and can last more than power washing. It is also more cost-efficient.

Here is video for you for Deep Cleaning of your house:


Your house is your most valuable asset. Therefore, you need to clean and maintain it to extend its lifespan. In the home maintenance aspect, house washing is extremely important and should be part of your deep cleaning activities. Not only for creating a good impression for your facade but to prevent early deterioration and damage.

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Last Updated on May 21, 2024

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