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When and When Not to Charge Tenants for Carpet Cleaning

The carpet is one of the most important assets of a house, which is subjected to wear and tear. So, the most important question that arises is, who should pay for the carpet cleaning, the landlord or the tenant? The answer can be either of them, depending upon the damage caused.

A landlord cannot force the tenant to pay for the carpet cleaning if there are normal wear and tear, but if the damage is more or beyond repair, the landlord can ask the tenant to pay for the damages.

However, most of the time, it is decided while preparing the agreement as to who will bear the carpet cleaning charges. In some cases, the landlord pays for it while in other cases the tenant cleans the carpet before vacating or the charges are included in the lease agreement.

So, if you are a landlord or a tenant and not sure as to who should pay, read through to learn the ins and outs of being a landlord and the end of a tenancy.

Carpet Cleaning VacuumWhen should you charge a tenant for carpet cleaning?

When you rent an apartment to a tenant, you expect them to take care of it the way you do. One of the most important things that a tenant needs to ensure is that they should leave the house in the same condition as it was given to them.

So, a tenant must clean the house properly before leaving. And, in the case of carpet, if the hand cleaning and vacuuming is not removing all the dirt and stain that is there on the carpet, the tenant can take the help of a professional carpet cleaner.

Now it is coming to who should pay. If the carpet is excessively damaged, the landlord can ask the tenant to pay for it or can deduct the amount from the security deposit. Examples of excessive damage can include pet urine, oil stains, etc.

Carpet VacuumWhen should you not charge a tenant for carpet cleaning?

As a landlord, you should never exploit the tenant in the name of unnecessary charges. You should not force the tenant to deep-clean the carpet. The basic cleaning charges should be borne by the landlord itself.

Also, a landlord had no right to withhold the security amount for the professional cleaning of the carpet. And, if you take this thing to court, you might lose and ultimately be forced to pay the inconvenience charges too.

In simple terms, if the carpet cleaning charges are not exceeding the professional cleaning charges, then it is considered to be normal wear and tear and the charges should be borne by the landlord itself.

Final Words

So, if the carpet is severely damaged or is in a state that it needs to be replaced, then the charges should be paid by the tenant. The landlords are supposed to pay for the normal damage, according to the law. Also, they cannot force the tenant to pay for the professional cleaning, if the damage is normal.

All the rights of landlords and tenants are properly documented in Tenancy Tribunal laws. It may vary from state to state. Both the landlord and the tenant should follow the laws for smooth functioning and eliminate any issues that may arise.

You can also take the help of a property manager. They can guide you regarding every minute of detail regarding the property.

Last Updated on May 21, 2024

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