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We offer top-tier cleaning services customized to meet the unique needs of your dental studio and its occupants.

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Elevate Your Dental Studio with Premium Clean's Dental Studio Cleaning Services

Dental Studio Cleaning

Your dental studio reflects your practice and its values, so maintaining cleanliness and a professional appearance is crucial. At Premium Clean, we recognize the significance of leaving a positive first impression on your staff and patients. That's why we offer top-tier dental studio commercial cleaning services, encompassing reception areas, treatment rooms, and common spaces. We also offer customised cleaning solutions to meet your specific requirements and standards. Let's collaborate to establish an inviting and hygienic atmosphere for your patients.

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What We Can Do For You

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What our Clients Say...

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What You Will Get

Dental Studios Cleaning
Thorough Sanitization

We ensure a comprehensive cleaning and sanitization of your dental studio, creating a safe and hygienic environment for both patients and staff.

specialized equipment
Specialized Equipment

Our team utilizes specialized equipment designed for dental facilities, guaranteeing a meticulous clean in hard-to-reach areas.

Dental Studios Cleaning
Infection Control

We follow strict infection control protocols, helping to prevent the spread of germs and maintain a sterile atmosphere in your dental studio.

Dental Studios Cleaning
Customized Cleaning Plans

We tailor our cleaning services to your specific needs, addressing the unique requirements of your dental practice.

Here, there, everywhere in New Zealand

From the bustling dental studios in Auckland to the peaceful clinics in Wellington and all the locations in between, Premium Clean's Dental Studio Cleaning Services are committed to establishing cleaner and more hygienic spaces throughout New Zealand. Our objective is to guarantee that dental practices in every corner of the country maintain the utmost standards of cleanliness and hygiene. Count on us to foster well-being in every community we cater to.

Current cities we clean in:
Dental Studios Cleaning Services Auckland
Dental Studios Cleaning Services Christchurch
Dental Studios Cleaning Services Dunedin
Dental Studios Cleaning Services Hamilton
Dental Studios Cleaning Services Hastings
Dental Studios Cleaning Services Napier
Dental Studios Cleaning Services Nelson
Dental Studios Cleaning Services Palmerston North
Dental Studios Cleaning Services Rotorua
Dental Studios Cleaning Services Tauranga
Dental Studios Cleaning Services Wellington

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our commercial cleaning package typically includes dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping of floors; cleaning of bathrooms and kitchens; trash removal; and window cleaning. We can customize our services to meet your specific needs.

Yes, we offer eco-friendly cleaning options. We use environmentally safe products and methods to ensure a sustainable and healthy environment for your workplace.

Our cleaning schedules are flexible. We offer daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly cleaning services. We can also provide one-time cleaning services for special events or projects

If you wish to cancel the booking, you may do so within 24 hours and it is going to be free of charge. Unfortunately, we charge a cancellation fee of $35 once your booking has been confirmed or the cancellation was done on the day of service.

We do this to cover any lapses that the cancellation may have brought to our cleaner's schedule.

If you need more information, you can give us a call.

Yes, our cleaners are covered by Public Liability Insurance. This means that you can have the peace of mind that you are protected from damage or injury caused by our cleaner’s negligence. Our company and cleaners are covered with Ando Insurance. With Premium Cleaning Services you can rest assured that you are covered with comprehensive insurance policies in unprecedented time.

Tailored Dental Studio Cleaning Services

We design individualized cleaning services customized for your dental studio. We aim to guarantee that your patients consistently experience a warm and impeccably clean setting. Recognizing the significance of your dental practice, we prioritize it with the utmost care and attention.

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