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Become part of PREMIUM CLEAN Family - the fastest growing and #1 Cleaning Company in New Zealand.

The Cleaning Industry in New Zealand is a multi-million- dollar industry and worldwide is one of the fastest growing business categories. People are now demanding more and more leisure time and are prepared to pay for the convenience of employing professionals to do their cleaning and general property maintenance. Another influencing factor, is families with both parents working, generating two incomes, and being able to afford a little “cleaning” luxury. “A Premium Clean” franchise offers a great business and life style opportunity.”

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You now have chance to explore the cleaning franchise in New Zealand. The industry is growing and with people having less or no time at all, they tend to look into hiring cleaners or paying a cleaning company.

A cleaning franchise can provide you control of your time and your income, as you decide your preferred hours of working. A Premium Clean franchise can give both professional and personal benefits found in the cleaning industry.

What We Offer

We offer Superior Systems Our systems have been developed over the last 18 years and set us apart from our opposition. We keep things simple, and easy to understand and follow. Our new franchisees are always amazed at how easy it is so set up the business, learn and earn great money.

REASON TO LOVE Premium Clean

Instant Income

Unlike many franchise opportunities, we’ll guarantee you work from day one. From the moment, you get started with your Premium Clean franchise, your business will be generating income.

Guaranteed Payment

As a Premium Clean franchise owner, we protect you from business risk. We offer guaranteed payment, which means you’ll always get paid regardless of whether your client pays. All you must do is to comply with your obligations as described in the franchise agreement and we will make sure that you will earn your income.

No Bookwork

At Premium Clean, you do not have to worry about managing your accounts and doing the book-work because our back office team does it all for you. Our support office team is there for you 24/7, allowing you to get on with what you do best.

Full Client Support

We offer a full client support service to handle all of your client queries and requests so you don’t have to. Our friendly client support team will liaise with your clients keeping them happy while keeping you in the loop.

Best Training & Support

We offer unlimited ongoing training and assistance as part of owning your Premium Clean Franchise. This means that you will be operating with the highest standard of skills in the industry with great potential for personal growth.

Flat & Lowest Fee

The business offering of cleaning companies to their franchisees are very similar but at Premium Clean we have gone a step further and are offering franchises at the best available purchase price. Not only that we charge the lowest service fees available in the entire New Zealand cleaning market which means that you get to keep more of your hard-earned money. Proof is in the pudding and we urge you to shop around.


Step 1: Tell Us About You

Every relationship starts in getting to know each other. We want to understand you interested about our franchise opportunity and  what you feel you can bring to our partnership.

Step 4: Walk in our Shoes

Good, you have made this far in our process. This is the step that you need to immerse in our daily operation so you’ll really comprehend what is needed from you as an owner and partner of Premium Clean

Step 2: Learn About The Business

Our next step is scheduling a presentation call and discussion with you. During the presentation, you will have an overview of the business and the industry.  This step, you will understand the framework of our business.

Step 5: Sign Agreement

When all is cleared and agreed, the important part is signing of an agreement in black and white. These documents are protection, both ways. It signifies that you’re a part of our family. As we grow, you will grow with us as well.

Step 3: Read The FDD

It is a must that you read and understand the one of the most important documents, Franchise Disclosure Document  (FDD). It gives you specific details on what you should expect you starting capital, what’s your franchise fee and other pertinent information regarding franchising Premium Clean.

Step 6: Build Your Future

It’s not going to be easy but you’re hard-work and commitment are great foundation in our success.

Start-Up Pack Every new franchise


Equipment and products used in the franchise work


Training, normally up to two weeks, plus regular follow up and coaching


Help with setting up and running your franchise business


Business cards and another stationary


Uniforms, to be worn on the job


Vehicle signage (check with us to see if it applies to your package

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