Environmental & Sustainability Policy

Premium Clean is a residential and commercial cleaning services company that recognizes the need for sustainability and environmental preservation. We take great importance in applying the best practice of sustainable and environmentally friendly development.

Our company only makes use of sustainable products and solutions for our client's homes to fulfill our role of achieving a greener environment for the communities that we serve. We take no shortcuts in the steps of committing ourselves to better the environment.

We recognize the effects of our activities and their impact on helping the environment.

We comply with the standard environmental regulations and best practices as a standard for all of our services. Improving the state of our environment is what we always strive for.

The objectives of this policy are:

  • To influence and encourage our clients, suppliers, and community to carry out environmentally friendly practices.
  • To promote the act of recycling goods such as plastic, paper, aluminum, and other metals, to minimize trash.
  • To optimize the use of equipment to reduce carbon footprint in our areas of activity and implement the use of sustainable materials.
  • To establish a standard in environmental practices by improving the integrity of environmental management policies.
  • To improve operations to ensure a safe and healthy working environment for all the members of our staff.

To achieve our policies, Premium Cleaning Services aim to:

  • Paperless internal communication through the use of technology and electronic gadgets
  • Properly dispose of waste and improve our efforts to recycle materials when possible.
  • Avoid and halt the use of potentially hazardous materials and solutions by only purchasing sustainable materials from our suppliers.
  • Avoid excess usage of water and make use of environmentally friendly cleaning solutions.
  • Utilize recyclable materials and recycled products appropriately to minimize waste.
  • Plan and carefully coordinate our routes to get to our clients to minimize the consumption of fuel of our vehicles which will lower carbon emissions.
  • Carefully research and identify the various types of environmental risks of all the materials and products that we will use, and only utilize the sustainable ones and switch those with potential environmental risks with better alternatives.
  • Switch to energy-efficient equipment and technologies.

Ensure that all members of the company understand the environmental policies. Training will be required to strengthen the integrity of our policy and increase awareness of our environmental responsibility.

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