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ftm 9th anniversary
Jun 9 2024
Premium Clean New Zealand Turns 9: Sparkling Savings and Community Care!
We're excited to celebrate a remarkable milestone at Premium Clean New Zealand – our 9th birthday this June! ...
prune box hedges
May 21 2024
When to Prune Box Hedges: Best Practices for Gardeners
Box hedges are a popular choice for adding structure and elegance to any garden. However, to keep them ...
mother's day and premium clean
May 12 2024
Premium Clean Mother’s Day Special: Motherhood And Cleanliness
Mother’s Day is a heartfelt celebration of love, care, and endless dedication. Across the globe, mothers are venerated ...
World asthma day!
May 7 2024
The Critical Role of Cleanliness On World Asthma Day!
World Asthma Day is commemorated annually on the 1st Tuesday of May to increase awareness of asthma while ...
Landlord Carpet Cleaning
May 6 2024
Debunking Myths: Can A Landlord Charge For Carpet Cleaning?
When it comes to the world of renting properties, one of the common areas of contention between landlords ...
is commercial cleaning a good business (2)
Apr 30 2024
Is Commercial Cleaning a Good Business?
Starting a cleaning business in New Zealand presents a promising opportunity, especially in the commercial sector. With businesses ...
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