how to fold fitted bedsheets in a fixed time

How to Fold Fitted Bedsheets in a Fixed Time

Are you tired of folding the fitted bedsheet? Even though fitted bedsheets hold onto your mattress well, do they suck your time? This can be sorted out, with Premium Clean expertise, who would show you how to fold bedsheets. It keeps your bedsheets wrinkle-free, and you will also have an organized interior. Dive into the content to get rid of the tiresome job. Let us see how to fold the bedsheet step by step.

Step-by-Step Instruction For How to Fold Fitted Bedsheets:

Tough time with fitted bedsheets is over. What cleaning professionals from Premium Clean would do are elucidated here. Five simple steps which are involved in folding the bedsheets are given below: 

Step 1: Grab the Sheets

Take a firm grasp of your sheet, with the top side facing you. Hold the sheet’s corners along the length. Let the sheet be placed across your body horizontally for easy folding.

Step 2: Thrust the right corner over the left corner

The length of the sheet will be on your top, and the breadth-wise sheet will be clinging to the floor. Now, bring the right corner of the sheet into the left corner and thrust both corners together. Arrange the seams. Can you see your sheet measures half of its original size?

how to fold fitted bedsheets

Step 3: Repeat the Fold 

The next step is bringing the down corner into the trusted folds in your hand. Tuck them together so that all four corners are inside each other.

Step 4: Place the sheet on a neat, flat surface.

Lay out the sheet on a flat surface. Is the letter ‘C’ visible to you? Then, stretch it into a neat rectangle.

Step 5: Fold the sheets thrice in three-fourth

The rectangle spread on the flat surface has to be folded in three-fourths sizes, as shown in the image. The fabric will look like a flat, lengthy log. Smooth it. Right now, fold it horizontally in three. You have got a precisely folded fabric on your palm. 


It’s easy, isn’t it? But please note this: if you have a king-size bedsheet, then you need to fold it into four rather than three. For wrinkle-free folding, it is better if you can fold it after taking it from the dryer.

Last Updated on March 15, 2024

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