How do you do carpet cleaning or carpet steaming?

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Here is our step-by-step carpet cleaning process. We take our time cleaning your carpet to ensure that all pet fur, stains, and other debris are removed.

  1. Pre-assessment: We always take a good look at your carpet to understand its condition and determine its individual requirements.
  2. Vacuuming the carpet: In this step, we vacuum the carpet thoroughly to remove any loose dirt and dust on the upper layer. This allows our cleaning agent to reach deep into your carpet quickly, thus cleaning it more efficiently.
  3. Quick Wash & Deodorizing: This step plays an important role in removing the dust and dirt from the carpet. It also provides the perfect base, which allows steam to clean your carpet. We also deodorize to add a fresh fragrance and clean feel to your carpet. Aside from that, deodorizing also means your carpet requires less drying time and achieves a great result overall.
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