What is Hourly Cleaning?

Categories: About our Cleaning Services, Hourly Cleaning

Do you need extensive cleaning in specific areas of your home like the bathrooms, kitchen, and living room? Have you recently moved into a new home and wanted a thorough cleaning of the bathroom and kitchen?

The best service for you is hourly cleaning. With this, you can customize your specific checklist and allow your cleaner to work on it depending on the time that you requested them to perform their cleaning duties. They can focus on cleaning the areas in your home that you wish them to.

Typically, clients who have booked this service with us want a specific area of their home cleaned. Often, they either book weekly or monthly, depending on their needs. They cannot stand the dirt anymore but do not have the time to do it themselves. With that, they chose to book the service for an hourly cleaning fee.

Looking to grow your business but did you not have enough resources to accommodate new customers after every check out due to the mess of the previous occupants? Let our cleaners do the job for you! With our Hourly cleaning services, you can focus on other operations and aspects of your business.

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