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Sharin Nisha Shares Insights During Women’s Month celebration

In an inspiring address at the Premium Clean Women’s Month event, Sharin Nisha, the business owner of the Premium Clean franchise, shared her journey and experiences. The event, held at PCS NZ’s Headquarters in Auckland on March 8, 2024, gathered franchise partners, stakeholders, and team members for an evening of Women’s Month celebration and knowledge sharing.

“I’m Sharin Nisha, wife of Tarid Hussain from PCS Weymouth franchise, the business owner of the Premium Clean franchise owner,” she began, expressing gratitude for the opportunity to work with Premium Clean. Nisha highlighted her challenges in the business industry, emphasising the valuable lessons learned along the way.

“For my directions and upcoming business, I’m very grateful to work with Premium Clean and grow more,” Nisha added, underlining her enthusiasm for the future of her business venture.

The event was a platform for franchise partners like Sharin Nisha to connect, share insights, and celebrate successes. Nisha’s speech resonated with the audience, reflecting her determination and optimism as a newcomer to the business world.

Sharin Nisha further cemented her dedication to the Premium Clean family. The event, set against the backdrop of PCS NZ’s headquarters, provided an opportunity for franchise partners to come together, strengthen bonds, and inspire one another in their entrepreneurial journeys.

As Sharin Nisha concluded her speech, attendees applauded her words of gratitude and determination, marking a memorable moment in the ongoing success story of Premium Clean New Zealand.

Last Updated on May 20, 2024

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