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Steam Cleaning Your Carpet: What Makes Steam a Better Alternative?

When it comes to cleaning your home, there are more factors involved than just getting a sparkling surface. Carpets, in particular, accumulate a lot of grime and dirt, which requires deep cleaning to remove it from the carpet’s thick material.

Spot cleaning and vacuuming help eliminate stains and dirt on the surface, but steam cleaning the carpet removes the deep-seated dirt. In this process, hot steam is used to loosen the dirt and kill contaminants on the carpet using vapor steam cleaners.

According to research, people spend 90% of their time either at home or in their office. Keeping these spaces as clean as possible is important to avoid allergens and irritants. The cherry on top of the cleaning cake is to add green solutions that are pet, child, and earth-friendly.

The following are a few reasons steam cleaning your carpet is a sanitary alternative for your home:

Chemicals of the highest quality are used in Steam Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning ChemicalThe idea that steam does not contain enough disinfectants may tempt you to stick to your traditional carpet cleaning methods.

You’re not to blame though! The name can easily mislead you into thinking that the process only uses steam to clean your carpet.

Steam cleaning, on the other hand, requires chemical detergents which are sprayed on the carpet. The steam acts as an activator for the detergent on the carpet fibers.

For carpets made from natural fiber or wool, acidic cleaning agents are used while alkaline ones are used on carpets made from synthetic fiber.

This prevents fading and abrasion to the carpet. Steam cleaning is performed with very hot water to kill any germs and bacteria that may have been brought inside from outside debris. Hot water with a minimal amount of cleaning solution is inserted into the carpet fibers at a fast and steady rate, and most of the moisture is quickly evaporated.

Steam cleaning forces hot water into the deepest layers of your carpet before removing it. The hot water loosens and dissolves the debris in the carpet before sucking it into the vacuum.

Because the water is hot, it is very effective at killing bacteria, dust mites, and germs in your carpet. Hot water extraction is also effective at removing chemicals from carpet, particularly when used in conjunction with a detergent.

If you are concerned about chemical detergents, you can also perform steam cleaning with only hot water, or with a number of green carpet cleaning products.

Prevents the Growth of Harmful Microorganisms

Carpets are prone to harbor harmful and disease-causing microorganisms. Weather conditions characterized by moisture or humidity encourage moisture to be tracked into and get trapped within the carpet.

In some cases, the carpet is preconditioned with an alkaline agent to aid the steam cleaning detergents in removing stubborn stains. The alkaline solution is sprayed onto the stain and then scrubbed into the carpet using a brush.

Before steam cleaning, the alkaline solution is normally rinsed out, so the carpet’s pH levels return to normal. This step is being performed by a completely non-toxic and biodegradable solution.

These conditions are ideal for molds, and it won’t be long before you start to notice black spots on your carpet.

With steam cleaning, the chemical disinfectants reach the deep layers of the fabric, effectively getting rid of microorganisms. It’s not just that the surface is hygienic, but also that it takes less time to dry and requires fewer cleaning solvents.

Neutralizes Pollutants

Due to the density of the materials used to manufacture carpets, it absorbs a lot of chemicals. These include aerosols you spray indoors to kill insects, pet dander, pet hair, and insect allergens.

These elements can encourage the spread of diseases and allergies. Thanks to the alkali or acidic elements in steam cleaning, pollution is neutralized, guaranteeing a healthier environment.

Steam cleaning your carpets with a green professional cleaner is another benefit. Cleansing solvents without harsh chemicals are very important in homes with pets, small children, allergy sufferers, people with medical conditions, and the elderly.

The harsh chemicals in many carpet cleaning solvents can irritate the sensitive or worsen medical conditions. Green solvents are able to come into contact with everyone and are less impactful on the environment outside as well.

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Improved Appearance

Steam cleaning not only makes your carpet more hygienic but also improves the appearance of the carpet and can extend its life. Unlike store-bought carpet cleaning products, steam cleaning does not stain or fade carpets.

Last Updated on March 15, 2024

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