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7 End of Tenancy Cleaning Done Right: Secure your Deposit

As a tenant, it can be a struggle to fit your End of Tenancy cleaning into a busy work schedule. Although you must know it’s to your advantage if it’s done thoroughly clean and meeting all the requirements as stipulated in your tenancy agreement. Otherwise, receiving your tenancy deposit back will be a challenging thing to do.

Moving is already a stressful task, and the uncertainty of not getting your bond money back can add to that stress. Any damage caused by you or incurred during your tenancy period is replaced. If this is left to your landlord to do and send you a bill, there are chances that the cost will be higher than you ever would expect. In order to ensure you do not lose your security deposit, you should thoroughly clean the rental property. That is why people opt for cleaning professionals who offer end of tenancy cleaning like Premium Clean. They use their experience and skills to make the property look sparkling clean.

If you will do the cleaning yourself, it will be important to allow yourself sufficient time to clean up the property before the deal to ensure a perfect inspection and cleaning of this property to your advantage. End of tenancy cleaning is very important, especially doing thorough cleaning from top to bottom, both inside and outside of the house. Make the property presentable, disinfected, and ready for the next tenant to occupy.

Here are some useful move out cleaning tips to ensure you don’t lose your bond money.


Move out Cleaning ChecklistPrepare a Tenant Move Out Cleaning Checklist.

To make sure you do not lose your bond money, you need to clean your property according to a cleaning checklist and follow it properly. Make a list of every spot on the property and clean it all one at a time. A cleaning checklist makes sure that you don’t forget a single place. Premium Clean’s checklist includes the living/dining/bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. We clean every single area, making sure that nothing is left uncleaned. There are many sites where you can get such a list depending on the property.


Oven CleaningBe sure to pay attention to the oven

The oven is one of the most significant items when it comes to your move out cleaning. This is because the landlords are aware of the difficulty in cleaning dirt, spills, burnt food, and grease from the oven. So no matter what, you have to clean it perfectly. Using commercial oven cleaners or household products like baking soda and vinegar is an option. This combination is considered an excellent way to clean an oven that has become dirty.


Kitchen Cleaning SurfaceRemove dirt from the Kitchen Surface

It is time to clean the kitchen. The landlord/property manager thoroughly examines the kitchen and looks for dirt and dust so that he can deduct a certain amount from your bond money. Therefore, you should make every effort to keep the kitchen clean. Clean everything in the kitchen, from the countertop, sink, and stovetop to the cabinets, drawers, appliances, and kitchen tiles, and remove dirt and grease. A clean kitchen always impresses the landlords.


Moving Out Carpet CleaningDo not forget the carpets during the end of tenancy cleaning

Carpet cleaning is one of the most frequent reasons for landlord-tenant disputes. Tenants often fail to clean carpets, which accumulate dirt, dust, pet hair, stains, etc., over time. The problem is that all carpets are not as easy to clean as you think they are. Cleaning the carpets properly without causing any damage to them requires a certain degree of know-how and advanced equipment. So, if you want to clean it, use household products such as baking soda and vinegar. Certain procedures may also be done by carpet cleaning professionals. From the water extraction process, carpet shampooing, and others, Premium Clean makes sure that your carpet will be thoroughly cleaned for the next tenant to use.


Cobwebs CleaningTake out the cobwebs and clean the walls.

Whether you are cleaning the bedroom, basement, bathroom, or kitchen, you will most likely find cobwebs everywhere. Therefore, you should clean the ceiling of each room before moving on to the other rooms. Take a long-handled broom or, a faster option is using a vacuum, to remove the cobwebs. As long as you ensure that your walls are cobweb-free, dirt-free, and stain-free.


Moving Out Cleaning WindowsMake sure the windows are clean

Property managers often notice windows first when entering the home. So, make sure that it is perfectly clean. Firstly, remove the dust from the glasses and frame, then use a mixture of vinegar and water to clean them perfectly. To ensure the best results, you need to clean it from both sides, but it can be challenging to clean it from the outside if you do not live on the ground floor. Professional window cleaners have the expertise and knowledge to solve this problem.


Professional CleanersHire professional cleaners

The best way to ensure you don’t lose your bond money is to hire professionals who can assure high-quality end of tenancy cleaning in Premium Clean. We use a standard checklist to make sure all surfaces are thoroughly cleaned. The professionals use their knowledge, skill, and modern equipment to ensure the home looks sparkling clean. They know what the landlord looks for during the final inspection and clean the property accordingly. If your landlord notices any dirt spots, the professionals will come back and fix them for no additional charge.



Every tenant should be entitled to get their bond money back, but the property manager always manages to come up with some cleaning issue. You can deal with it either by hiring professionals for a professionally cleaned apartment or by maintaining cleanliness throughout the lease period so you don’t have to make so much effort during the end of tenancy cleaning.

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