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Step-by-step Carpet Cleaning Process

Carpets are one of the most common things you would see in almost any house you would visit. Well, that is not a surprising fact anymore because carpets make homes feel more comfortable to stay in. However, the coziness that carpets bring to people has a counterpart and that is the difficulty for it to be cleaned. Yes – carpets are also one of the most difficult things to clean and that is why here are some of the necessary steps that explain the answers to the most important question – how to do carpet cleaning?

This is the very first step wherein the cleaning services technician would visit the house, office, or any establishment and check the carpets for the first time. Here, the technician will be looking for minor and major dirt problems involving the carpets and see what their current conditions are. After a few minutes of inspecting, the technician should come up with a small report on what he or she is going to do to clean the carpets – this process also involves the part wherein the technician informs the owner of his or her carpets’ condition.

carpet vacuum


In this part, the technician is going to use a vacuum, which is most likely inclusive of the cleaning services, in order to get rid of the dirt that has already been solidified through time – for the record, this kind of dirt is one of the most difficult ones to clean and that explains why this step is a very important one. Included in this phase is the application of any sanitizing and deodorizing agents for the hard dirt to be softened and, therefore, easier to clean.

Movement of Furniturefurniture vacuum

At this point, the cleaning gets more detailed as the inner portion of the carpets also gets cleaned – the ones hidden under different furniture. Depending on what is included in the set of carpet cleaning services you would be paying for, specific furniture would be moved to give way for the cleaning and drying of the carpets.


Here comes the phase where sanitizing agents would be totally applied to the whole carpet in order to wet and soften all the dirt, especially the hard ones, which are stained the carpet. They call it “pre-spray” because this is the point that sets the carpet ready to be eventually fully cleaned.


This is the step where the most difficult types of dirt get the cleaning they deserve. These stains include inks, dyes, coffee stains, and the like. In the “pre-spot” stage, those kinds of dirt get different sanitizing agents applied, especially for their softening and removal.


As the stains and other types of dirt get softened by the deodorizing and sanitizing agents applied in the earlier stages of carpet cleaning, the cleaning technician is expected to use the grooming machine in order to begin the main process of cleaning little by little.

Soil Removal

Here, another machine is used in order to extract and rinse all the hard dirt that can be found on the carpet. This step is also considered one of the most important stages because it helps the technician remove all the dirt, even if it would be a sticky/wet one.


After a few hours of doing all the steps that came before this, the cleaning technician would eventually dry up all the portions of the carpets that he/she cleaned earlier with different sanitizing agents and cleaning equipment.

Speed Drying

In this step, a high-velocity carpet fan is going to be used in order to dry the carpet faster than the usual speed. This part is one of the funniest steps of cleaning carpets because who doesn’t like drying things up, right?


Finally, the whole process is done by the technician already showing the owner how his/her carpets look after being deeply cleaned.

Wrapping it Up!

That’s it! These are the steps on how you can get your carpets cleaned. This process is done regularly, at least once every year, so if you’re planning to avail of some cleaning services, you’re now already aware of what to expect. What are you still waiting for? Avail of a carpet cleaning service now!

Last Updated on February 2, 2024

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