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Five Tips To Clean Silk Upholstery

Silk is a natural fibre that gives an elegant and grand outlook. They do give a magnificent look to the interior of your home. However, cleaning silk upholsterers can be challenging.

In this article, we will be providing you with tips and tricks from our professional upholstery cleaners in handy will help you a lot. 

Here Are Five Important Tips Explaining How To Clean Silk Upholstery. 

Let’s First Look Into The Steps Involved In Cleaning The Silk Upholstery:
Step 1: Vacuum It Thoroughly

First, dust from the furniture needs to be cleaned thoroughly before removing the stains or spills.

Step 2: Cleaning the fabric with a cleaning solution. 

Usually, you can clean silk upholstery by soaking a soft cloth in a solution of cold water and light detergent such as Woolite. Nevertheless, many silk varieties discolour in water-based cleaning. For that, test it priorly with a small piece of fabric on the furniture.  Avoid using dripping cloth.

Step:3 Removal of residual moisture

You can remove extra moisture with the help of a hair dryer. If you still have doubts about doing these processes, kindly contact Premium Clean for your upholstery cleaning.

Silk Upholstery

Let’s begin with our tips on how to clean silk upholstery. 
Tip #1: Using Water On The Silk Fabric

A universal medium for stain removal is water. Unless a laundry symbol or label that comes with fabric says dry wash, you can drench your silk upholstery. Make sure you don’t soak the furniture with water.

Dry-washing is the best way for a variety of silk clothes as it suits the fabric well. It prevents discolouring and shrinkage of the fabric. 

Tip #2: How To Keep Silk Upholstery Ever Glowing

Before applying any upholstery cleaning solution to your silk upholstery, you need to test it on a small area to avoid a bigger problem. Follow these simple step-by-step guide below:, 

  1. Remember to test it on a small area.
  2. Combine water with a few drops of vinegar and take it in a spray bottle. If it gives a positive result, then remove your silk fabric from the furniture and soak it in the vinegar solution.
  3. Avoid too much soaking and remove after a few minutes, say 5–7 minutes.
  4. Gently press the fabric over a soft towel.

This tip removes extra vinegar from the silk material. Drape cloth to air dry. In case of coloured stains, Contact Premium Clean.

Tip #3: Using Hair Dryer On The Silk Upholstery

The usage of a blow-dryer on silk fabric to remove extra wetness is recommendable, but not in the case of hot air mode. Especially avoid using a hair dryer on spills or stains. It will severely damage your silk threads. 

Also, try to avoid using the hair dryer on the damp area of the cloth since it can recoil your fabric yarn. 

Tip #4: Use of Hydrogen Peroxide On The Silk Upholstery

This information is to hack too much moisture from your silk cloth. You can blot water stains from the cloth with the help of witch hazel and hydrogen peroxide. This solution removes extra dampness from the silk. However, don’t try this on coloured silk.

Tip #5: How To Dry Silk Upholstery? 

Do not leave your upholstery under the sunlight. Leaving the furniture near an air conditioner or heater is also not recommended. Hang the silk fabric and air dry it. It is the best way to care for your loving fabric.

silk upholstery

In Summary:

Your silk furniture gives you the comfort you are looking for. Let’s give them the care and attention they need for long-term survival with the support of the Premium Clean Experts.

Last Updated on May 20, 2024

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