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Maintaining the Beauty of Your Furniture

Our furniture is one of the main materials in our home that makes it whole and presentable. Without it, our houses feel empty. We invest our time and savings to find the perfect furniture that matches our personality. We finally found the perfect set for us, now we want to know how to keep it that way.

Every piece of furniture is an investment. Knowing how to maintain our furniture looking brand new or to even just prolong it will be a great help to us. Here are some tips for upholstery cleaning.

Tips To Maintain The Beauty of Your Furniture

Tip 1: Use Placemats

Always use placemats before placing your hot or cold drink on the table to prevent rings and heat damage. Never place hot or cold food or drink directly to your dining table, this will decrease the life of your furniture. This tip will protect the varnish on your table from your drink’s spills or moisture.

Tip 2: Avoid Heat and Direct Sunlight

Heat and direct sunlight on your furniture will cause great damage to your tables and chairs. Never place your furniture in direct sunlight and near the fireplace, the heat and light can damage and fade your wood in a short amount of time.

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Tip 3: Use the right cotton cloth

Know the right cloth to use when cleaning or removing dust particles or food crumbs on your table. Using a rough scrub will damage the physical appearance of your table.

Tip 4: Wipe Often

We often feel lazy just thinking about cleaning and wiping our fixtures. Removing dust particles from your furniture can be very tiring, but we have to keep in mind that cleaning often is one way to take care of and to prolong the life of your furniture set.

Tip 5: Deep Cleaning

Dusting sometimes still leaves particles of dust on your furniture, deep cleaning once in a while will help take care of your furniture. Use a cloth with a little bit of dishwashing liquid soap to wipe off food stains on your table, rinse it by using a wet towel containing only water, then quickly wipe your table with a clean dry cotton cloth.

Tip 6: Use small amounts of cleaning materials

Limit yourself when using too much of your commercialized cleaning materials, this is to prevent the damages that can be caused by the chemicals coming from those materials.

Tip 7: Re-Apply Varnish

As time passes, the protective layer of wax or varnish on our furniture will need to be replaced or re-applied. Deeply clean your furniture to remove any dirt residue, then apply a coat of wax or varnish, then spread it evenly. Don’t forget to remove the excess wax and buff it with a soft cloth until the surface feels smooth.

Tip 8: Prevent Bad Odors

Old stored furniture will eventually develop unpleasant odors. Spray baking soda on its surface to have a fresher smell and placing charcoal will absorb and eliminate the unpleasant smell from your furniture.

Wrapping Up!

Finding the right furniture that will best suit our taste is very difficult, and maintaining its beauty will need more effort. We all want to prolong the beauty of our furniture because it is one of our investments. Follow these steps for upholstery cleaning to keep your furniture looking clean and brand new.

Last Updated on March 16, 2024

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