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House Cleaning Schedule: This is How Often You Should Clean Your House

House cleaning is not fun.  But we need to keep it clean for our health and peace of mind. Studies showed that keeping a clean and organized home is good for our mental health. So, how often should we give our home a thorough once over? The answer lies in this article.

Until we can afford house cleaning services, we need to put our gloves on to do the tasks ourselves. 

Experts agree that keeping a house cleaning schedule will help us establish a routine. We need to do these chores regularly, especially in our trouble spots like the kitchen and bathroom, to keep our house clean. 

Once we have a cleaning routine, we will find ourselves more relaxed and happy keeping up with our regular cleaning tasks. 

To start the habit, we have created these cleaning tasks that you need to do and its frequency. We have divided the list according to how often you should do them for your convenience.  You can either handle these tasks yourself or call for professional cleaners. The choice is yours.

House Cleaning Schedule

Short-Term House Cleaning Tasks

These house cleaning tasks have an interval of two days to one week, depending on how heavy the cleaning is needed.

  • Dusting – We can do your dusting every other week, but we highly recommend doing it every week. The dust may contain allergens that will harm your health.
  • Vacuum – When there are visible white specks on your carpet or floor, it is telling you that it is time to vacuum. You can vacuum every week, but you also need to do spot cleaning, especially if you have pets and kids.
  • Laundry – Doing the laundry every week is sufficient if you are alone. However, if you are going to do it for the whole family, you can do it at least twice a week to prevent heavy loads.
  • Kitchen Cleaning – The sink should be water-spot-free, so you need to clean them weekly along with your kitchen. The kitchen should be a critical part of your weekly house cleaning schedule because it is usually a high-traffic area.
  • Toilet Cleaning – We know that this is your least favourite part of cleaning, but you have to do it anyway. Clean the toilet once a week or as needed. 


The cleaning tasks that belong here should be done every week or every month depending on the amount of cleaning it needs. 

  • Cleaning the Windows – We schedule the cleaning of windows every week because they are not easy to do. It will not make a dent in your budget and sanity if you hire professional cleaners to do them for you. 
  • Washing the Showers and Bathtub – Cleaning the shower every two to three weeks will prevent molds and mildew from our shower walls and bathtub. Make it a habit and include them in your regular cleaning schedule.


We classify these tasks as long-term because you can have them cleaned once every one to six months. We advise hiring professional cleaners from companies like Premium Clean for these tasks. It will guarantee excellent cleaning results that could last for months.

  • Cleaning the Upholstery—A representative from Premium Clean recommends upholstery cleaning every 6-12 months. There are two reasons to have it professionally cleaned regularly: for hygienic purposes and to maintain its appearance.
  • Carpet cleaning and Steaming – You should hire a professional to clean and steam your carpet at least twice a year. The unseen dirt and pathogen buildup on your carpet is detrimental to your health, especially if you have allergies. 

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Wrapping it Up!

Like what we have said, house cleaning is not a glamorous job. However, creating a regular cleaning routine will make them easy to do. Should you need further help with cleaning tasks, you can contact Premium Clean. We can schedule a professional cleaning crew for you. 

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Last Updated on March 15, 2024

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