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7 Way to House Cleaning with a Baby Made Easy

Once upon a time, cleaning once a week was enough. Then you had a baby. Your apartment used to stay reasonably clean for the second seven days of the week since we cleaned it once a week. You would get the kitchen counters rather dirty and the laundry would sit open for a couple of days, but you’d do a big clean on Sundays to maintain our space.

Your lives were then transformed with the arrival of a sweet baby. He moved right into your house and brought along a bunch of stuff. You wouldn’t believe how many things babies can own.

During your pregnancy, you probably spent the last couple of months cleaning, washing, and sanitizing every surface and item your new baby might touch. House cleaning in Auckland has been the most regular task you’ve done. Once the baby arrives, how will you keep your home clean? It won’t be long before your immaculate space is cluttered (from well-wishers donating gifts), piles of laundry (babies spit up a lot), and dishes pile high in the sink (you’ve still gotta eat). With a newborn in the house, house cleaning shouldn’t be a top priority, but one must still do what’s necessary. And hiring cleaners in Auckland to make chores a whole lot easier.

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Here are seven tips to help you manage your baby and your home:

Slip the baby into a sling.

Carrying your baby in a newborn carrier is a great way to keep them close while still being mobile. Wearing a sling is ideal if you have light cleaning, laundry, or even vacuuming to do. It is best to stay away from chores that involve chemical spraying or putting your baby in harm’s way.

Delegate chores between parents for house cleaning in Auckland.

You can count on your partner (or spouse) as you navigate this journey together and help both you and your children with household chores. Lean on them to help do the dishes, vacuum, and make dinner. Make sure you’re okay letting go of certain things as well; if you do things a certain way, your spouse might do them differently as well. In the event you decide to hand the baby off to your partner, let them handle the care so you can focus on what you were supposed to be doing. Have them hire cleaners in Auckland as well if they’re too busy with work too.

Embrace multitasking.

The more time you save on house cleaning in Auckland, the better. Especially for house cleaning in Auckland, a hustle and bustle city for you and your family. You can find all sorts of gadgets that help housekeeping be easier, like vacuums that also mop and robotic vacuums that are ideal for dusting and floors. Doing multiple chores at once also helps. Take a break from your kitchen every time you need a bottle or a towel, and then drop off your dirty laundry or garbage while you’re at it. Making sure you do a variety of chores, even the tiniest one, will prevent big messes from appearing.

Vacuum before naps.

Some experts recommend running a vacuum to help newborns get to sleep because the vacuum emits white noise that mimics the surface sounds inside the womb. Also, the slightest noise will not wake your baby up if you generate noise during naps.

House Cleaning with KidsEnlist older kids’ help.

Throwing away garbage and putting dishes in the sink are chores that toddlers can assist with. Providing designated play areas for little ones, such as their room or playroom, can help reduce the amount of mess that is made as well.

Get organized.

Put all of your baby’s belongings, like pacifiers, burp cloths, and bibs, in designated baskets and bins, so you will know where everything is. Some parents find it helpful to have a regular cleaning schedule. For example, allocate 15-30 minutes before you go to sleep to pick up, wash dishes, wipe down the bathroom, and put in the laundry.

Hire some help.

At the moment, what’s really important is your health and wellbeing and that of your baby. Don’t stress about getting all the housecleaning done, hire Premium Cleaning Services instead. We are one of the best house cleaners in Auckland to help and assist you with house cleaning with a baby in Auckland. You can schedule a regular cleaning schedule for recurring cleaning services that make sure every speck of dirt and every speck of germ gets cleaned. Take care of your baby, do some errands, and you will return home to a spotless house.

Contact us, or have your spouse call to get a free estimate.

Last Updated on May 20, 2024

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