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What to Consider When Choosing the Best Office Cleaning Services

Are you re-opening your company’s office doors for work? Is your business up and running again? If your company is easing into the new normal of working in the office, make sure to have your space disinfected and wiped clean. Choosing the best office cleaning services is a better option than sending an employee to the hospital due to COVID-19 symptoms.

Protect your employees, your assets, and the country by making sure your office is free from the virus.

Before everyone goes back to work, find reliable cleaning solutions to help you disinfect your office. Read through to find out how to find the best cleaning company.

7 Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Office Cleaning Services

There’s no time to wait! Now is the best time to have your office cleaned. Not when it’s a week after you began office operations again. Especially not after a COVID-19 case has been discovered in your company. Pay attention to disinfecting your office now and have peace of mind that your entire company is safe from it.

Employees are Security Checked

Questions to ask: Do they have an extensive screening and interviewing process? What do they do once a cleaner has passed the screening? Do they have a followup training and onboarding process to align their company values with their cleaners? Are they security checked?

Advice: You can trust that a cleaning company is reliable if they have a top vetted hiring process. Regardless of whether they are a referral agency or contractual agency, it is best to have a visual on what their hiring looks like. If the company does not have any information available on its website, perform your due diligence, and contact the company.

Ease of Booking and Scheduling

Questions to ask: How is the cleaning company’s booking process working? Does the website platform or mobile application help you as a user and customer book, reschedule, set an appointment, type special requests, and contact the cleaner?

Advice: Take note, everything is digital now. If you are hiring a cleaning company with a traditional form of communication, you can expect there will be some cases of miscommunication. Conversely, it is no secret that mobile applications and website platforms experience downtime that leads to miscommunication.

Nevertheless, it is easier to resolve a problem and provide proof of miscommunication if everything is recorded and stored through the database of a digital platform.

Compliance with Environmental Procedures

Questions to ask: Is the company using eco-friendly cleaning supplies? Are they following the new directives of the government to prevent the spread of the virus?

Advice: Be more critical when shopping for the right cleaning company. Now more than ever, our homes require extensive cleaning with only eco-friendly supplies. You can ask the cleaning company about the kinds of cleaning kits they are using. Ask for a checklist to find out which type of questions to ask.

For instance, if they are cleaning your stove as an add-on service to your regular home cleaning service, ask the company the solution their cleaners will apply. By being aware of their cleaning equipment and supplies, you will have a better gauge of whether they can be reliable.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Questions to ask: How well is the cleaning company paying their cleaners? Are they given a competitive salary?

Business is business. Any entrepreneur can understand that. But, if a cleaning company is treating their cleaners or contractors poorly by paying them low wages then you would not want to work with a company like that.

Advice: Go for companies that believe in them and put their cleaners first. The cleaning company must value their cleaners as much as they value their business. You will know if a company is paying their cleaners well if the business is not a franchise. Meaning, money goes directly to the cleaners in the form of salary. No middlemen, no referral fees.

Company and Cleaner Insurance

Questions to ask: Is the company covered by insurance? Are the cleaners covered by insurance as well?

Advice: You are letting people inside your home to clean. With that, think about the safety of your family and your belongings.

While other cleaning companies have affordable services, you must check on their liability insurance coverage. As it can protect you from losing items, experiencing damages, and most especially, receiving the wrong services.

Customer Retention and Churn Rate

Questions to ask: How well is the cleaning company keeping its customers? Are their customers loyal to their services? Do they have any bad reviews? If so, how is their customer dispute management?

Advice: Let’s be honest here. Any company that offers services is bound to make errors and mistakes. Even the most prominent service companies commit service errors that make them face liability charges. The most important thing is how the cleaning company resolves disputes. This leads us to the next additional question.

Additional questions to ask: How do you contact the cleaning company regarding your concerns?

Company’s Age and Ownership

Questions to ask: How long has the cleaning company been in the industry? Who owns the company? Is it locally-owned by a Kiwi?

Advice: We are a country that supports locally made and local services. As much as possible, go for a cleaning company that is owned by a Kiwi citizen. Aside from that, make sure they have been in the industry for at least 3 years. Look at the company’s improvement. If they have been the same since day one, then it’s time to look for another.

Take note that you would want to book with a cleaning company that is tech-enabled with a smooth booking process and plenty of booking platform options.

Wrapping Up!

Keep your workers safe at work and book a professional office cleaner. Choosing the best office cleaning services now should protect your workers in the office. Make sure to book ahead of your first day at work after the lockdown. Do your part as a citizen of New Zealand and as part of the team of 5 million Kiwis to protect our country and its people.

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