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Why Get Your Commercial Property a Disinfection Cleaning Service?

We’re all back to work! Whether in the office or the factory, it is still a commercial space, and everyone comes from a different area in the city. Aside from following safety guidelines (wearing a mask and keeping your distance), keeping your workplace sanitized and well-disinfected should increase your safety. Here’s a solution to prevent the problem from arising: a disinfection cleaning service.

Still not convinced? Read through to learn more about the obvious and the ignored reasons why your office needs some disinfection now more than ever.

Team of commercial Cleaners
Team of Commercial Cleaners

3 Reasons to Get Your Commercial Property a Disinfection Cleaning Service

Yes, that’s right. There are only 3 major reasons to hire a disinfection cleaning service. We made it short and simple. If you’re too eager to find out the most important chunk of this article, scroll down to the bottom.

To Protect Your Employees

For weeks now, there have been no new reports of Kiwis suffering from the virus. On the 8th of June 6, 2020, all restrictions have been lifted. NZ announces they are free from COVID-19, liberated from the wrath of the coronavirus. As a manager and CEO of a company, you should know better to protect your employees from obtaining the virus inside your office premises and bring it to their homes.

Together as a nation, our duty is to keep our own safe. Let your employees enjoy the freedom to work in the office without the fear of going home with a virus that could affect other family members. Aside from that, it is highly recommended that you stay updated with the news to know the rules and regulations regarding the cleanliness of the office space.

To Keep Your Customers Safe

If you are a small shopping centre, mall owner, store, restaurant, or any commercial business that welcomes customers to your premises, ensure your entire space is disinfected after business hours. Coronavirus sticks to surfaces, and it lingers there—we all know that. With this, you would want to open your business the next day, knowing it has been disinfected before opening hours.

Again, similar to the first major reason to get a disinfection cleaning service, protecting your customers is also protecting your nation. You don’t want any Kiwi entering your store, contacting the virus, or bringing it home afterwards. We are a team of an entire nation, to keep our space’s cleanliness is to keep the entire country safe from the coronavirus.

To Grow Your Revenue

Wondering how that will happen? Look at your employees. Everyone is still fearing to make physical human connections. Not everyone has the peace of mind that their masks can prevent them from getting coronavirus. With that thought haunting your employees, do you think they can work properly without being extra cautious? That’s right. Their fear can bother them the entire day, which flunks productivity.

Give yourself less of a headache. Hire a disinfection cleaning service who are experts in cleaning high-risk areas or surfaces and possess professional cleaning tools and supplies to get rid of the coronavirus.

Cleaning Service

Wrapping Up!

New Zealand is already safe from the coronavirus. Let us all keep it that way. Be a responsible corporate company and perform your duty to maintain the cleanliness of your city. Book your disinfection cleaning services now and start making disinfecting a habit!

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How to Get Disinfectant and Cleaning Services at Premium Clean

Scheduling a service request with us is the same as you follow to book normal cleaners with us. We have a special focus on disinfectant and cleaning services to make round the clock availability of highly trained cleaners.

You can click the Book Now button to schedule a service request today. Or click on the Contact Us button to get a service quote based on your requirements.

Our teams will reach your facility at the promised time so that you don’t have to wait to have your property free from viruses and germs.

Premium Clean is open seven days a week to provide an unmatched service experience. You can contact our experts anytime to discuss your requirements and add-ons you need along with the disinfectant cleaning services.

We don’t charge you anything in the name of the upfront fee. Just pay us when the job is done through the safe and protected payment link received on your registered e-mail.

Last Updated on March 16, 2024

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