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4 Areas in the House and Why You Need to Prioritize Them

Feeling swamped with the endless cycle of tidying up? Trust us, you’re not alone. There’s nothing quite like the aftermath of a fabulous evening with friends or family to make you think, “Perhaps I should call in the cleaning cavalry.” And if you’re in Auckland, hunting for a service that sweeps through your place hourly, we’ve got your back. Picture this: a blissful snooze or chill time, knowing the chaos from last night’s shenanigans will be nothing but a memory, even with the folks dropping by for a surprise visit the next day.

Let’s talk about those sneaky spots and gadgets around your living space that scream for attention. Here’s where you should zero in when wielding your cleaning tools:

Things To Be Prioritized When Cleaning

The Mighty Can Opener

Have you ever noticed the gunk that clings to your can opener? Here’s a nifty trick: let apple cider vinegar do the heavy lifting. Soak the gunky part in a half cup of vinegar for a couple of hours, and voilà, the grime bids goodbye. A quick rinse and a scrub with a toothbrush later, your opener is as good as new, keeping those pesky roaches at bay.

Keyboards, the Crumb Collectors

Laptop Cleaning

Whether it’s a laptop or desktop, keyboards are crumb magnets. Snacking while scrolling? We’re all guilty. Keeping those keys clean is not just about aesthetics; it’s a full-blown ant invasion deterrent. Consider a keyboard protector to shield those nooks from the daily crumb fest.

Corners with Cobwebs

Grab a sock and secure it to your broomstick with duct tape for an improvised cobweb catcher. This genius hack makes those elusive corners and ceiling edges accessible, keeping your home dust and spider-web-free. After a simple wash of the sock, you’re all set for the next round.

Behind and Under the Fridge

Out of sight shouldn’t mean out of mind regarding the space behind and under your refrigerator. A treasure trove for dust and food particles, this neglected area is a veritable feast for roaches and pests. Regular checks and sweeps here can save you a lot of ick and trouble.

Wrapping Up!

In wrapping up, achieving that pristine home doesn’t mean you have to break the bank with a full-time cleaner. Opt for an hourly cleaning service in Auckland to keep your dwelling spotless without the hefty price tag. Remember, focusing on these key “areas in the house to prioritize when cleaning” can make all the difference in maintaining a serene and spotless sanctuary.


Last Updated on March 15, 2024

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