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The Moving Survival Guide: Moving Day Cleaning Tips

Even if we are experts in packing and transferring utilities, moving out is an unnerving tribulation. To make your life easier, we are putting together a complete Moving Survival Guide. We will also help you ensure you get your security deposit back. Read through to learn more about our moving day cleaning tips!

Moving Day Cleaning Tips for End of Tenancy

A few simple steps will make your move-in day into a new place easier and more comfortable. Take a look at these time-bound strategies that you must try to apply.


  • Start packing and tossing.packing and tossing

It’s going to be hard leaving items behind. But you have to decide beforehand what you need in your new home. No one wants cluttered and unused stuff at home. Most definitely, your home does not deserve a haul of unused stuff.


  • Decide on a strategy.Decide on a strategy

It’s good to decide whether you need to hire a car or a truck to save time on moving. If you’re moving from an old home to a new one, you must figure out how to maximize the truck’s space. List important details in advance to help movers.

While making a list, you must consider the number and size of items. Bulky items like sofas, antiques, and pianos must be considered.

Aside from those, you must also consider the number of stairs or elevators you must get through in both your pickup and drop location, which is also an important question.

  • Get permits and permission.

move out cleaning shareLast, you need to sort it out when the elevator doesnโ€™t run or is out of service. You will need a backup strategy for bringing up those bulky items.

Another thing is if it will be easy to have a parking slot to park the truck and unload your stuff. Look into local parking regulations and secure permits ahead of unloading time, especially if you plan to do so on weekdays.

  • Transfer utilities.

Before checking in to the new place, ensure you have Wifi, electricity, gas, water, and, of course, cable. No one would like to spend the first night at the new home in the dark, starving the whole night.


  • Pack a survival kit.Pack a survival kit

You need a long list of things on hand throughout the move to a new place, from Sharpies and duct tape! In case you forget, last-minute packing or labelling comes out of the box. Don’t miss out on those trash bags and cleaning supplies!

  • Charge your phone!

Remembering an external charger or charge your mobile 100% to communicate with movers, check traffic, and cleaning services is most important.

  • Work in shifts

Moving with fresh spirits is always good; a new start must be fresh and strong.ย  Take advantage of family and friends to give you hands in packing the stuff, moving out, and moving to the new place.

  • Load in layers

You must be very careful about uploading the items onto the truck with a little strategy. To avoid tumbling boxes, start with the heaviest items like a piano, couches, mattresses, and antiques. Carefully layer on those mattresses or cushion them with furniture pads.

You can use oddly shaped items to fill in the spaces closest to the front of the truck. Remember to count all the boxes and check everything before leaving your old home.

  • Unload straight to the right rooms.

Bring each box to its intended room instead of shifting all the boxes to the garage or basement. This should tremendously reduce your work after shifting to the new place. You must also start unpacking as soon as possible, and it will be easier and less time-consuming.

  • Hold the deliveries.

One needs to schedule furniture deliveries before or after the big day. It’s better to have a moving day without waiting for a new couch to arrive.

  • Take inventory.Group Cleaners

Double-check the list of stuff you made before loading the truck and after unloading it. Make sure each box arrives safe and sound. Don’t rashly unpack all the boxes; establish a plan to keep each box separate from the trash.

  • Moving Out Clean

The extremely stressful part of moving out is cleaning the place. To get your bond back, you need to clean the place to a high standard and thoroughly before you hand over the key.

Wrapping Up!

Let’s face the fact: you need to clean for at least a day. You also need a pair or three of muscles for intense cleaning. Once you have successfully moved out, you will last need intense cleaning.

Hiring reliable professionals to reduce your moving stress can save you time, money, and, of course, your physical health. Click on the link to get a sample checklist.carpet spray

Carpet Shampooing

How can one forget carpet cleaning before moving to a new place? How would one like to walk on a dirty carpet, shifting with an old carpet with living bacteria and other living organisms? There are so many questions to ask yourself regarding carpet cleaning.

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Last Updated on March 15, 2024

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